How to Find the Right Portion Sizes for Different Hemp Forms

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If you have recently decided to try some hemp products, then you are probably wondering what types of dosages you should be using.

Here is a quick look at four of the most common methods for using hemp and some tips that will help you figure out the right portion sizes.

Vaping Oil

Many people have turned to vaping in order to avoid certain carcinogens, and one of those devices is a great option if you want to try any hemp or CBD products for the first time.

When you are calculating the dosage for your vape oil, you will need to consider many different factors, including your body weight and tolerance level. For those who are smaller and not used to CBD products, 12mg oil might be a good start.


Consuming edibles is different than any other delivery method because the body creates unique compounds when hemp is metabolized.

If you are a first-time user or only want to microdose, then a 2mg edible might be a safe place to start. From there, you can continue to increase your dose until you achieve the desired results.

Before you increase your dose, you should always give yourself one or two days to fully recover.

Cannabis joint


Smoking the CBD flower is one of the most popular forms of consuming this substance because you feel the effects almost immediately.

With an edible, you might not notice any changes for over an hour, and that makes it very difficult to find the right dose. Luckily, when you smoke the flower directly, you can make adjustments almost immediately.

A healthy adult who would like to enjoy mild effects will most likely benefit from a dose of around 25mg when smoking the flower directly.

Essential Oils

With essential oils, the delivery method is going to be one of the most important variables in the equation. Some people prefer to put a few drops of their favorite essential oils into diffusers while others apply the oils directly to their skin.

Much like these other options, you should start off with a very low dose until you know how your body is going to react to the active ingredients.

Everyone has slightly different tolerances, and that means there isn’t a single portion size that will work for each user. In order to find the right dose for yourself, you will need to do a little bit of experimenting.

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