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Thanks to the advent of both legal and societal permissibility and acceptance, industrial hemp and hemp-derived products are now easily available to most Americans.

And among these, cannabidiol or CBD has garnered incredible popularity. A cannabinoid, or organic compound of the cannabis plant, CBD’s claim to fame is that it offers potency without a psychoactive impact.

Naturally, even those who are not predisposed to botanical therapies have taken a long look at cannabidiol. Among the more than 100 cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant, CBD is the second most potent. The only cannabinoid stronger is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. But unlike THC, CBD will not get you high, nor will it debilitate your senses.


In many ways, CBD is the best of both worlds: you receive the natural, therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant, but without the impairment issues inherent in THC-laced marijuana. Thus, cannabidiol is perfect for professionals who either have demanding occupations or reputations to protect.

However, finding the right CBD product for you can be a challenge. First, multiple options exist, which can be incredibly confusing for botanical newcomers. Moreover, different CBD platforms feature varying potency and efficacy, which can impact your enjoyment.

Finding the right CBD product will not only benefit you over the long run, your wallet will also thank you. With that, here are five steps to guide you through your journey:

Always Use Reputable Dealers

Before you do anything, you want to make sure that you’re using products made from reputable brand name companies. As the media labeled “vaping crisis” demonstrated, end-users run serious risks in utilizing less vetted or black market products. No matter how much you save, your health is paramount.

To ensure that you receive appropriate, genuine CBD products and therapies, make sure to only make purchases from reputable dealers like Nug Republic. Typically, such retailers will have an on-site customer service department to help you in the decision-making process.

Additionally, reputable dealers have a vested interest in ensuring both satisfied customers and compliance with all regulations. These are businesses that are in it for the long haul and can be a wonderful source for lifelong guidance.

Start Small, Work Up

Although cannabidiol-infused products are naturally sourced, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody will have the same experience using them. This statement applies for newcomers to botanical solutions, but it also is a relevant topic for users of medicinal cannabis.

Remember – the cannabis genus is incredibly diverse. Even within the same product category, end-users may find nuances that facilitate radically different experiences or outcomes.

CBD oil - Effective way of Consuming CBD

Therefore, unless you are specifically a seasoned end-user of CBD, it’s best to start with small dosages. Find out how both CBD and the particular product you are utilizing reacts with your body. From there, you can adjust your dosage accordingly.

All the Spectrums

Cannabidiol is a complex entity, with many variations designed to address individual needs. The most common type of CBD you’ll encounter, though, is full spectrum CBD. You might call this the most “natural” form of cannabidiol: it includes CBD along with other cannabinoids (including a trace amount of THC) and terpenes (essential oils).

Because the entire range of cannabinoids is represented in full spectrum, this characteristic is what gives this product category its name. Further, full spectrum users are able to enjoy the entourage effect, or the symbiotic dynamic of multiple cannabinoids working together to promote holistic health.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have isolate CBD. This is essentially a CBD extract: such labeled products contain cannabidiol and only cannabidiol. Thus, isolate CBD negates the benefit of the entourage effect. At the same time, because no THC is present, end-users don’t have to worry about pinging positive for the compound on a drug test.

Finally, those who want the entourage effect but without any THC can choose broad spectrum CBD. These products have all the cannabinoids featured in full spectrum products but without any amount of THC. Useful for those that want it all, the key drawback is that broad spectrum tends to be the most expensive choice out of the three categories.

Know Your Platform

One of the most appealing attributes of CBD is platform diversity. Prior to the advent of vaping technologies, most people who wanted to enjoy botanical therapies were largely limited to analog smoking platforms. Unfortunately, such a methodology had a limited market, especially for advocates trying to push for broader consumption.

How to Make Your Own THC Vaporizer Cartridges

However, in the modern era, CBD has no shortage of delivery options. Ranging from edible products like CBD gummies to ointments and oil tinctures and of course, CBD vaping products, interested parties can enjoy cannabidiol exactly how they want.

That said, you want to make sure that you’re comfortable with your target platform. For example, while vaping CBD oils may sound appealing to those who are not part of the vaping subculture, if you don’t already smoke or vape, this platform may not be ideal for you in regards to longer-term considerations.

Understand Your Purpose

Before diving into CBD-based therapies, you should have a motivation check: if you’re doing this to address certain symptoms or conditions through natural methodologies, CBD is an excellent pathway. However, if you’re doing this to fit in with the “in crowd,” you may want to assess your priorities.

Whether it’s CBD or any other material, you should engage only because you want to, not due to peer pressure or other societal motivations.

Furthermore, you should understand what your end-goal is with CBD. If you’re tip-toeing into this industry, you may want to consider CBD ointments or edibles as these are very discreet products. However, if you’re seeking higher potency, tinctures (otherwise known as CBD oils) may be the ticket for success.

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