What Will Your First Dispensary Visit Be Like?

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The recreational use of cannabis is legal in some states in the USA. If you plan to use it for the first time, make sure that your state allows it, or go where it’s not prohibited to prevent altercation with the law.

There are several dispensaries where you can get your weed. We created a guide below to help you become more prepared and know what to expect on your first dispensary visit.

Prepare A Government-issued ID

If you are purchasing marijuana for medical use, you must be at least 18-years old. For recreational purposes, the legal age for buying is 21-years old.

As you enter the dispensary, you will be asked for your ID. Be sure to bring a government-issued ID, which will serve as proof that you are of legal age. You will not be permitted to enter the premises without that.

Canadian Marijuana Dispensaries / Shops for cannabis beginners

Visit Legitimate Dispensaries Only

As mentioned, there are several dispensaries that you will find out there. However, it’s vital that you only deal with legitimate ones to ensure the quality of the products that you will buy.

Before your first dispensary visit, do research. Look them up on the internet and read feedback from other users. If they have a professional-looking website, that’s even better because there’s a higher chance of being trustworthy.

Familiarize Yourself with the Strains

There are many strain varieties, so taking time to know more about them, including their scents, flavours, and effects, will give you a better idea of what to look for.

When you visit a dispensary, it will be easier to check the varieties you are interested in. For example, the Bruce Banner strain is one option with a THC level of 23% to 29%. Its taste is a mix of citrusy, spicy, and sweet.

Prepare Some Cash

Most dispensaries still only accept cash, although there are a few that take card payments. Contact the dispensary beforehand to determine if they accept card payment. Better yet, bring some money to ensure that you can purchase an item if you find something that interests you.

ATM - paying in cannabis dispensary

You May Need to Wait

Many dispensaries only accommodate one customer at a time. There will be a waiting area where you can sit while waiting for your turn to be served. Most of these areas are relaxing. You may find magazines that you can browse.

Don’t Be Shy to Ask Questions

Once it’s your turn, they will call you so you can check their available items. There is a staff that will assist you. Expect the products to be on glass shelves. You are not allowed to open their packaging and try them before buying. You can only open them once you purchase them.

If you have any questions, don’t be shy to ask the staff. If you cannot find something that sparks your interest, it’s okay to leave and move to the next dispensary.

Do not be pressured to buy something if you are not satisfied with the products or information. Most of these dispensaries do not accept returns, so better yet, be sure that you are happy with your purchase.

Feel free to share your first dispensary visit experience with our community in the comments section below!

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