Flower Mill is an innovative alternative to the traditional weed grinder

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Grinders come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but not all grinders are created equal. Metal versions, for instance, are often pricier, and they’re more common thanks to their efficiency and durability. The teeth are usually razor-sharp and the grinder can last for years if you take care of it. 

On the economical end of the spectrum, grinders made of plastic are lightweight, affordable, and often are given away as swag. You get what you pay for, though. Plastic dulls and doesn’t hold up well over time.

These tools can also come in two-piece builds to larger, five-piece builds with multiple screens. 

Traditional grinders aren’t ideal

Today’s grinders are no doubt impressive, but they’re also not perfect. Those sharp “teeth” aren’t exactly inviting for your precious flower. Traditional grinders tear and shred your buds, which effectively destroys the trichomes. 

If you don’t know what trichomes are, they’re the tiny hair-like crystals covering the buds of the cannabis plant. These tiny crystals are responsible for producing cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. If they’re shredded into oblivion, you don’t get the same effects, aromas, or flavors.

Flower Mill Herb Grinder

A “grinder” that’s changing the game

There are so many grinders out there, but one, in particular, is changing the game with patent-pending innovation.

Flower Mill is an innovative alternative to grinding that could become your go-to way to break up weed.

Preparing your bud for a joint or bowl should be a joy. Forget the annoying issues you previously had with your old grinder – threads getting stuck, scraping flower out, and teeth getting dull.

The Flower Mill helps you say goodbye to those headaches, making it the last tool you’ll ever need to buy.

Milling is similar to, but different than grinding

On the outside, the Flower Mill looks just like a traditional grinder, yet it’s not. On the inside, the mill rolls and crumbles your buds where they naturally want to break apart and fall through the screen.

While a traditional grinder shreds with sharp teeth, separating those aforementioned trichomes from the flower, the mill crumbles and breaks down your buds into a fluffy consistency with a little bit of pressure. The end result is a consistent, potent product with preserved trichomes.

The consumers have spoken: You need to try the Flower mill

Frank R, a happy customer, recently shared his review in February 2022:

“The Flower Mill is one of those products you might not know you needed until you try it. As a daily medical smoker, I became so content with the basic grinders I had been using for years. After browsing around on Reddit, I came across the Flower Mill and I instantly became interested. This isn’t just another repackaged grinder – this is a game changer. No teeth! What? How? Huh? 

Well, those grooves in the stainless steel plate make quick work of your bud and don’t just shred it to pieces. With the Flower Mill, you have a generous-sized chamber to load your flower of choice. Instead of having to press it into teeth like on a traditional grinder, you can just drop the buds in since it has no teeth. After a few turns back and forth, you are left with light fluffy bud. The flower is consistent, and the grinder even separates the stems and leaves them out of your grind!”

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