How to Get the Best Smoke Pen

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While consuming cannabis can be done in several ways, using a dab pen is so far the best way to do it.

Not only will you be doing it in style but, you will be discreet something all cannabis users value so much.

Even though you can use a dab pen to smoke cannabis, you should know that these pens come with particular specifications that make them different from each other.

There are some primary features to look for when looking for a good dab pen and they include:

How it is powered

Most smoke pens have inbuilt batteries that are rechargeable while others need you to buy new batteries after a while. The reason why power is essential for your smoke pen is that it cannot vaporize without it.

If you prefer smoking a couple of times a day and like to walk around with your vaporizer in the pocket, it is essential to make sure that it is always adequately charged especially if you are fond of using it.

dab pen with usb charger

How much it costs

While there are hundreds of smoke pens available, their prices vary depending on their features. It is also vital to know that a dab pen can only have so many features but not all of them.

You should, however, be very keen when comparing prices online. That is because some sellers tend to sell them for very cheap, but the sad thing is, such vaporizers usually are not legit. When you set your mind that you have to buy a smoke pen, you should work with a fair budget that does not make you question the quality of the smoke pen.

Temperature control

The type of cannabis that you will be using with your dab pen is different. Some are moist while others are quite dry.

Cannabis in container

The temperature control setting is a vital feature to look for with respect the types of herbs you will use it with. Moist cannabis will require high temperature or proper vaporization while dry cannabis will only require little temperature.

When you fail to consider temperature control settings, you have to make sure that you only use the type of cannabis that will vaporize properly with your smoke pen. That means that if your dab pen can only produce a low temperature that cannot be adjusted; you have to make sure that you only use dry herbs with it.


You should know that smoke pens come in different sizes and designs. That is why you need to consider how frequently you intend to use it before selecting one.

If you are the kind of person who only smokes while in the house, then you should not mind going for a bigger pen. On the other hand, if you are a regular smoker who wants to use the pen every time, then a smaller pen will do for you.

Arizer Air and Solo Portable Vaporizers

Inspect the airflow

You need to make sure that the air path of your dab pen is always clean and made from glass or ceramic. This should make your smoke pen safe to use plus it will give you an easy time of enjoying the satisfying feeling of cannabis getting into your body system.


Other factors that can make you consider a specific dab pen include its color among different small preferences. However, you should be very keen especially if you want to buy a vape pen for cheap online.

Some websites pose themselves as genuine sellers while in the real sense, they want to rob you. You should, therefore, do a background check on a seller before anything else to avoid losing your money.

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