Green Growth Brands Introduce a New Solvent-less THC Concentrate

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Disposable vapor pens and cartridges are one of the largest growing sectors in the cannabis market today.

Not only are they portable, but they provide users with an easy and discreet way to consume THC while on the move. They’re also ideal for new cannabis users who want to try the drug for the first time without making a large investment.

As part of this, GGB recently announced the release of Happy Camper, a disposable line of cartridges and pens, which hopes to build on the disposables trend in an innovative way.

Solvent-less THC

Happy Camper is the first solvent-less THC pen and cartridge available in Nevada. It’s also one of the first products of this kind in the whole of the United States. Launched on the 22nd April, they are currently being exclusively sold at The Source dispensaries in Henderson and Las Vegas.

According to the director of brand merchandising at GGB, Brian Talbot, “flavor is the key”. The Happy Camper line makes use of a Grapefruit Durban sativa combined with an Anslinger indica to create a rich, natural, flower flavor that’s completely unique to the market.

Being solvent-less, those who choose to try the product won’t experience the burn and smoke of traditional consumption. Instead, they’ll get all the flavor, without the negatives.

Happy Camp Solvent-less THC Concentrate by GGB

Designing the Product

It took countless hours of development to create the Happy Camper line of products, and all of this was done underneath Aaron Nino, the production head of the company.

As a winner of numerous industry development awards, Nino is constantly looking for new ways to innovate the industry and find ways to provide different experiences to consumers. “It’s a flavor like they’ve never had before,” said Nino in response to whether consumers would like it.

Perhaps surprisingly, the team at Green Growth Brands haven’t just designed a new flavor, they’ve also designed a brand-new way of creating a solvent-less THC concentrate as well.

Prior to their product, all solvent-free cannabis concentrates were created using butane or carbon dioxide to isolate the THC. However, the Happy Camper line has been created using heat and pressure, removing the need to use any solvents at all.

Not only does this leave the end product cleaner, but it’s much more beneficial for the environment as well.

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Purchasing the Product

As mentioned above, the Happy Camper line will initially be exclusively sold in The Source dispensaries in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be available as a disposable and also in a 500mg cartridge.

Due to the unique design of the product, and the production process, consumers can expect to pay 40% more than usual for a disposable or solvent-free cartridge, but the brand isn’t worried about the extra cost.

“It’s a premium option for customers who believe in the solvent-free process,” said Talbot.

The cannabis experience is currently going through a large period of innovation, and it will be especially exciting to see what the future holds.

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