Greendorphin World News Episode #13 Argentina Cannabis News Featuring Marcelo Morante

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Greendorphin World News’ cameras once again focus their lenses on the events in Argentina as medical marijuana supporters voice out their stories in the streets of Buenos Aires.

The mixed coalition of advocates, growers, and wheelchair-bound children with their parents stood strong and showed strength in numbers as they fought for the decriminalization of cultivation and consumption of medical marijuana.

Argentina Cannabis Protest

Protesters were appealing to the politicians present in the event for concrete measures in the legalization of marijuana. A regulated cannabis supply chain was also pleaded from the officials who attended the event.

The movement hopes to give the users and farmers a law that will give them the freedom to access cannabis and cannabis seeds without going underground and procuring it in the black market.


In this episode, we feature Marcelo Morante, a professor in pain management. The professor recounts the stories of the parents who use medical marijuana for their children.

Argentina Cannabis News - Featuring Marcelo Morante

Usually burdened by epilepsy, he said that conventional anti-epileptics usually prescribed by epileptologists to these patients were not that effective. The parents of the patients had to burn time and money with small or even zero results with those kinds of drugs.

A significant cure was elusive until they discovered cannabis oil.


She was one of Professor Morante’s patients. She was diagnosed with severe epilepsy when she was just seven months old. Every day she suffers from more than 600 convulsions.

Her mother, a kindergarten teacher bravely took the stage and told her daughter’s story to the attendees of the march. Together with her husband, they started growing their own cannabis plants and making their own oil with the help of their neighbors. After six days, the 600 daily convulsions went down to zero.

Argentina Cannabis Protest

Josefina’s father also mentioned that medical marijuana made her more “connected and at peace”. A feat her previous medication never achieved. He also added that the anti-epilepsy drugs prescribed by medical professionals made his daughter irritable.

The Charlotte’s Web oil they were using was effective and works well with Josefina’s seizures, but they have several problems:

1) Their supply is running out.
2) They have to import it from Colorado, USA.
3) It is illegal.

Josefina’s Battle

Argentina Cannabis News - Josefina’s Battle

We were thinking and fearing every day that we might go to jail for saving the life of our child. But I will continue doing it as often as necessary. For my daughter, for her health,” Josefina’s mother said in the heartfelt speech she gave for the supporters and government officials in the convention. “I am not here asking for permission to use the medicine that saved the life of my child. I am here to ask the Members of Congress not to abandon us.”

Marcelo’s Sentiments

Professor Morante reports that in forty percent of the cases, marijuana helps with sleep and psychomotor skills. He even criticized doctors who claim there is no evidence and study on this field but has ignored the success stories like those of Josefina’s.

Argentina Cannabis News - Marcelo’s Sentiments

Self-cultivation and collective cultivation have a social character of solidarity and love that I would not want to disappear. Because I trust that more than I trust economical networks. I trust the mom, I trust the friendly grower that supplies the oil,” Morante added. “However the state needs to control the quality. But the regulation has to include self-cultivation and collective cultivation because those provide the benefits of the social aspect of cannabis. Cannabis solves a social crisis, it brings solidarity.

Check out this emotional and eye-opening coverage of the event:

This fight is not only for Josefina. Her struggle is only one of the thousands who are experiencing the same pain, hardships, and difficulty in Argentina alone. But her story, gave voice to these people badly needing the action and attention they deserve.

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