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Greendorphin World News Episode #3 – New Zealand Cannabis News

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In this latest episode of Greendorphin World News, Arik is reporting from Auckland, New Zealand where patients marched for medical cannabis legalisation on the 2nd of September 2017.

“It’s not the matter of ‘if’ the law will change, it’s now just the matter of when.” Pearl Schomburg, Auckland Patients Group Coordinator said to the group of protesters.

The march through Queen Street in the heart of Auckland is another display of Kiwis growing increasingly impatient with the outdated cannabis policies their lawmakers are still applying.

“What advice do you have for the patients when the only thing that eases their suffering criminalises them and their loved ones? What do you say to the parents of children desperately needing cannabis to control brain damaging seizures and to acquire a quality of life not available with pharmaceutical products?

Why should patients who can be denied the right to cheaply grow and use this harmless plant to alleviate symptoms of suffering and illness in themselves and in their loved ones.”

Watch the entire episode below:

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