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Start your engine and ride the highway to the most uplifting toke ever! Growing Sour Diesel autoflower seeds is like stocking your fridge with energy drinks; you’ll have enough green power to vitalize you for weeks. This green gasoline strain packs a serious THC blow, making it a fan-favorite among go-getters. 

Read on as we answer all your questions about Sour Diesel (also known as Sour Deez), including its origins, effects, and smoke quality. We’ll also advise you on growing autoflower Sour Diesel seeds and where to buy them. Start your engines—ready, set go!

Characteristic of the Sour Diesel Strain

Power through your day with a full tank of energy from Sour Diesel. This fiery sativa is sure to supercharge you with its potent buzz. 

This award-winning cultivar has taken many trophies, including 2nd place Sativa Cup at the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup. Smoke Sour Deez and you’ll join the ranks of some of the greats like Mike Tyson, who calls it his “best strain.”  

Autoflower Sour Diesel seeds allow you to grow this mighty strain without changing light cycles. The auto-flowering variant is more discreet, only reaching up to 3 ½ feet compared to the original feminized version, which reaches up to 7 feet. 

Sour Diesel buds are jam-packed with enough THC to captivate even the most experienced smokers. This powerful toke isn’t playing around; it’ll instantly focus you and release your inner kid with its stunning creative waves.

Sour Deez has a reputation for being a challenging grow, but the autoflower Sour Diesel seeds are easier since they don’t get as tall. The auto-flowering variant is resilient and mold resistant thanks to its ruderalis genes but doesn’t allow much time to fix cultivating mistakes. For that reason, it’s best for intermediate to advanced growers. 

What’re you waiting for? Wake and bake with Sour Diesel to pump the gas and drive through your day with vigor. Visit the website to learn more about this champion cultivar. 

Sour Diesel effects  

Get stuff done and look cool doing it with Sour Deez. Thanks to its electrifying, inspiring buzz, this strain is the favorite of many famous rappers, including Def Jam rapper Redman and Killer Mike.

One try of Sour D, and you’ll throw your coffee; heck, you may even skip filling your car with diesel and run to work! Sour Diesel plants produce buds with energizing effects that don’t weigh you down

With THC levels hitting 23%, this cultivar is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a top choice for veteran users, and thanks to its THC content, it’s said to have many health benefits. Some possible uses include: 

  • Strong pain-relieving properties 
  • Anti-nausea 
  • Relieves depression 
  • Helps with ADHD / trouble concentrating

From the first few puffs, the Sour Diesel buds pump instant energy to your brain. The fiery cerebral waves awaken the spark in you, activating bursts of innovation. The rush of creative juice floods your mind, sometimes manifesting as chattiness, making it ideal for social situations.

Some users become animated with dramatic gestures and total freedom of expression. If you’re going to an acting audition or pitching a passionate idea, a few puffs of Sour D give you the boost you need.

Sour Diesel creates a focused buzz, wiping away distractions, stresses, and doubts. They allow you to focus and conquer all tasks at hand. These energizing effects last for hours, fueling you through your day with their sativa superpower.

As the cerebral waves die down, you’ll feel relaxed, revived, and refreshed but not sleepy. You might experience mild paranoia or dry eyes and mouth if you overdo it. Stay hydrated and puff slow if you’re a beginner.

Sour Diesel flavors

Soak in the dank, earthy flavors of Sour Deez and let the whole world know you’re a proud cannabis smoker. Seriously though, this isn’t the strain for anyone trying to be discreet. Of course, you can use a sploof to hide the smell, but the natural aroma is so intoxicating it’ll draw you to its skunky scent. 

Sour Diesel seeds grow into plants with an aroma that can only come from strong marijuana plants. When you grind the buds, the deep herbal aroma penetrates your nostrils, immediately causing your mouth to drool at the thought of smoking it. 

Once lit, the exotic aroma rises in dankness; it’s heavy but intoxicating at the same time. The thick white smoke whips your senses into submission with its powerful diesel aroma.

Flavors of citrus and bitterness paired with sweet woody tones whet your appetite, leaving you salivating for another puff. 

Growing Sour Diesel

How to germinate Sour Diesel autoflower seeds

Germinating is the first step for growing any marijuana seeds. There are many methods with varying success rates. Here are the top three picks for germinating Sour Diesel autoflower seeds:

The paper towel method

This method is arguably the most popular among growers because it’s simple and has a high success rate. The tools you’ll need are things you’ll easily find lying around your kitchen. This technique works wonders even on old or hard cannabis seeds. 

Here’s how to germinate autoflower Sour Diesel seeds using the paper towel method: 

Gather these items:

  • Two paper towels
  • A clean plate 
  • Distilled water
  • Sour Diesel autoflower seeds


  1. Moisten the paper towels and remove any excess water. 
  2. Place one of the paper towels onto the plate. 
  3. Put the cannabis seeds on the plate at least one inch apart. 
  4. Cover the plate with the remaining damp paper towel. 
  5. Store it in a warm, dark place. Keep temperatures around 70–85°F.
  6. Once taproots sprout, your marijuana seeds are ready to grow. 

Direct planting technique

The only downside of the paper plate method is you’ll have to move the fragile seedlings to their medium. You can use tweezers to move them gently, but this can be an anxiety-inducing situation, especially for beginners. What else can you do? 

Skip the plates and plant your Sour Diesel autoflower seeds directly in the soil. By using this method, you don’t risk damaging dainty taproots. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Hydrate the soil with clean water. Don’t overwater. 
  2. Fill your planting pots with moistened soil. 
  3. Using your finger, make a hole around 0.40–0.60 inches deep.  
  4. Insert the cannabis seeds into the holes and lightly cover them with soil. 
  5. Water the soil regularly to make sure it stays moist. 
  6. Leave in an area with sufficient light. Shoots should appear in 2–7 days. 

Jiffy pots

The previous methods required fairly simple and inexpensive tools. Jiffy pots save you the stress of moving seedlings and are perfect for planting in soil or raised beds. Here’s how to germinate autoflower Sour Diesel seeds using jiffy pots: 

  1. Water the jiffy pots until they expand completely. 
  2. Insert one or two marijuana seeds per jiffy pot. 
  3. Store the pots in moderate light and keep temperatures warm. Ensure the jiffy pots stay moist. 
  4. Once the sprouts appear, plant the jiffy pots directly into the soil.

Sour Diesel autoflower seeds grow information

Autoflower seeds have a reputation as being a beginner’s worst nightmare. Why? These cannabis seeds flower after a specific amount of time without changing light cycles, typically leaving little time to fix mistakes before flowering. 

Sour Diesel autoflower seeds may be an exception because they’re incredibly easy to grow, so chances of making errors are rare. If you mess up, this resilient plant will most likely forgive you as long as you fix it before the 8–9 week flowering period. 

Sour Deez loves a warm, humid climate with temperatures between 65–85°F. They’re hungry plants, particularly during vegging, where they need high nitrogen levels

The buds are a vibrant green hue with orange pistils, and the entire plant is covered in a blanket of stunning white resin crystals. 

Intermediate to advanced growers are the perfect fit for autoflower Sour Diesel seeds, but beginners can give it a whirl too. These cannabis seeds flourish indoors or outdoors and grow beautifully in any medium. 

Growing Sour Diesel autoflower seeds indoors

There are a few factors to consider when growing Sour‌ ‌Diesel‌ ‌autoflower‌ ‌seeds‌ indoors, starting with space. These plants don’t grow crazy tall, but they’re bushy, so you want enough room to hold them. 

The autoflower Sour Diesel seeds plants love humidity, but excess levels result in decreased nutrient uptake. Most marijuana plants use up only 10% of the water you feed them; the rest is evaporated. Keep humidity around 65–70% during the vegetative stage, drop it to around 55–60% when flowering, and lower it by 5% during night flowering. 

Maintain proper temperatures and ventilation by using an extractor fan with a filter. Since Sour Diesel autoflower seeds grow into bushy plants, stay on top of pruning and trimming, so they don’t take over your house.

Use low-stress training (LST) techniques like Sea of Green (SOG) to get the best out of your autoflower Sour Diesel seeds. SOG creates a canopy of buds with equal access to lighting, meaning all the buds get fat and juicy.

Feed regularly, trim and use LST techniques, and your greenery will reward you with around 12–14oz. /m2 indoors. 

homegrow cannabis

Growing Sour Diesel autoflower seeds outdoors

The main thing to consider when growing Sour Diesel autoflower seeds outdoors is climate. Consider growing in a controlled environment if you don’t live somewhere with warm, humid conditions. 

Remember, these plants need space, so ensure your yard has sufficient room for the bushy plants to spread freely. Use LST techniques like SOG or a Screen of Green (SCROG) net, so plants get enough sunlight. 

Growing autoflower Sour Diesel seeds outdoors is effortless because these sativa beauties thrive in the sunlight. One possible problem outside is pests and mildew. Chemical insecticides are effective but can cause damage to your plants and you.

Here are a few natural treatments to prevent pests, mildew, and mold: 

  • Spray with clove oil to keep insects at bay. 
  • Use garlic to prevent and treat fungal diseases. As a bonus, garlic also helps strengthen the plants and keep vampires away. 
  • Sprinkle cinnamon near the base of the roots to protect your plants from mildew, whiteflies, and aphids. 

Cultivating Sour Diesel autoflower seeds in your backyard can lead to a neighborhood intervention because these buds have a potent dank aroma. Mask the smell with other odoriferous plants like lavender and basil—now that’s what you call an herb garden! 

Play your cards right, and you’ll be knee-deep in around 2–6 oz of plump buds per plant grown outside.

Sour Diesel autoflower seeds genetics

Sour Diesel autoflower seeds come from powerhouse strains Chemdog 91 and Super Skunk

Chemdog 91 is a potent hybrid strain with a strong diesel aroma. People fall in love with its uplifting cerebral buzz. It’s a high THC strain with levels averaging around 21%, so Sour Deez gets some of its power from this parent. 

Super Skunk needs no introduction. This dank-smelling weed immediately takes you back with its nostalgic skunky aroma. It’s known for its strong relaxing effects and potent pain-relieving properties. 

Where to buy Sour Diesel autoflower seeds

Buying Sour Diesel autoflower seeds is easy. You’ll find this celebrity strain at most dispensaries, but the seeds may cost you top dollar. Buying online is the more convenient option but finding reliable stores is hard. 

The only surefire option we can recommend with no hesitation is Homegrown Cannabis Co. It’s an online American company selling various cannabis seeds and is associated with the biggest names in the industry, like Kyle Kushman.

The finishing line

Sour Diesel is a potent sativa that’ll add zest to your mornings and fire to your soul. It’s known for its uplifting effects, making it a favorite among many successful people, including celebrities like Mike Tyson. The complex diesel scented smoke enlivens your senses, and the uplifting cerebral buzz keeps you coming back for more. 

Autoflower Sour Diesel seeds are easy to grow and reward growers with a bountiful harvest of high THC buds. Be sure to buy from a reputable seller. Soon you’ll have green petrol bombs ready to blow your mind. What are you waiting for? Log in to Homegrown Cannabis Co., get your hands on some seeds today and start cultivating.

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