A Beginner’s Guide to Curing Your CBD Flowers

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The cannabis plant comes in three sub-species such as indica, sativa, and ruderalis. In addition to variety in terms of species, years of careful breeding and cultivation have led to a number of different strains of cannabis with unique features and applications.

In recent times, CBD-rich strains have become some of the most popular types of flowering cannabis plants for cultivation. CBD is a compound in the cannabis plant that research has proven to have powerful medicinal qualities.

For cannabis growers must cure their CBD flowers to maximize potency. Curing is the final step in the cultivation process before the final product is ready for use.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a step-by-step guide to curing your own CBD flowers. The entire process generally takes a month to complete.

store your cannabis in mason jars when curing

Drying Process

The CBD flower must be dried as the first step in the curing process. This means hanging the plant, buds, stem and all, in a dark, cool room around 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit for about 5 to 15 days.

Once the leaves have a “crunchy” texture, they are ready to be moved to the next stage in curation.

Removing the CBD Flowers

After the initial drying process is complete, it’s time to remove the CBD flowers from the stems and other features of the plant.

In agricultural terms, this is colloquially referred to as “separating the wheat from the chaff.”

After removal of the extraneous parts, place the flowers in an airtight (not plastic) container and let it sit in the dark for several weeks.

Each grower has their own preference for time in the jar, but at least 3 weeks is necessary for CBD flowers. Some growers keep their buds in airtight jars for as many as 15 weeks.

Moving the Flower Into Storage

Once the curation is complete and you have the final product, you should still consider how to store it, especially if you plan to hang onto it for a while before use or to sell it commercially.

If left out in the open air, even flowers that have been properly curated are subject to oxidation that can destroy the quality and potency of your CBD flowers.

store your cannabis - vacuum sealing

Many growers automatically move their CBD flowers into vacuum-sealed containers to keep them fresh for months or even years.

Follow these steps to end up with an exceptional CBD product. Because cannabis is a hardy plant, you can try to tweak your methods slightly until you find the one that produces the best results for your particular strain of CBD.

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