The Growing Popularity of Hemp in Cosmetics

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There has been a lot of talk about hemp recently as this suppressed plant has begun to make a powerful comeback.

Hemp is a tremendously versatile plant and in the last couple of years, its extracts have become more popular in the production of cosmetics.

Hemp oil has found its way into a variety of beauty products because of increasing awareness and evidence of its health benefits. Hemp is extremely good for the skin and can heal and rejuvenate better than just about any other substance on earth.

Hemp moving into the superfood category because of its extraordinary nutritional profile and its subsequent broad range of health benefits.

hemp seed

Hemp is well known for its ability to help fight acne, reducing inflammation and pain that comes with this common skin disorder.

Furthermore, hemp is a natural antibiotic and while fighting acne it also keeps the pores clean and prevents further breakouts. Hemp is a dual-action natural acne fighter!

Hemp goes back thousands of years yet we’re seeing a new resurgence. Hemp may seem like a modern miracle, but the truth is that health and medicinal benefits of the plant can be traced back thousands of years.

The use of hemp, especially the root and the flower of the plant, is well documented in ancient Chinese medicine in healing cuts and sores on the skin. The Chinese also knew is prevented infection, long before modern antibiotics.

Use of hemp in tea was used to treat a wide variety of ailments and it still is, however, with modern medical production techniques hemp oil is easy to extract and thus the health benefits can be added to a range of creams, gels and other cosmetics and beauty products.

Hemp in Cosmetics

More than Makeup

Beauty products have been around for centuries, simple painting of faces in ancient civilisations existed and women used it to make themselves more attractive.

However, today, women have a lot more knowledge about their skin and know that makeup alone is not enough. To say beauty is skin deep is wrong and women today understand that better than ever.

There are many healthy beauty treatments, some to remove fine lines and wrinkles, some to cure acne and others to firm and moisten the skin. All these different treatments combine the art of looking fabulous with the joy of healthy skin.

Health and beauty go hand in hand today and for this reason more women, especially, want makeup that makes them look good and feel good while being good for the skin.

This is where hemp comes to the game and the results are beginning to be proven scientifically.

Hemp for Today

Today’s lifestyle and the harsh sun mixed in with the pollutants in the air put strain on the skin. Hemp oil is one of the best defences against the attack the world delivers today. Stress and anxiety as part of a busy life also take their toll on the skin.

Hemp Seeds don’t generally include Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and hemp in general has less than 0.3%

One solution is more makeup but the best solution is to consider hemp-based cosmetics. Hemp contains an abundance of proteins and amino acids all extremely good for your skin.

By introducing hemp into cosmetics, you are adding natural amino acids that the skin simply cannot get enough of. The texture and resilience of your skin are improved considerably and a natural radiance flows because your skin is being bathed in what it loves most.

Furthermore, while amino acids are great for your skin you cannot produce them yourself and thus hemp is the perfect solution to looking great.

Safe, Legal and Growing

The use of hemp-based cosmetics is completely safe. Hemp is 100% natural and the hemp oil that is extracted is extremely pure.

There are many eyebrows raised when using hemp as part of a beauty regime as many people wrongly believe it is not strictly legal.

In most parts of the world farming of hemp is legal. Hemp farming is a growing industry because the plant has so many uses.

Added to this, because more people are learning more about the benefits of hemp and just how good it is for them they are turning to hemp-based products.

Cosmetics produced using hemp are on the rise, it is not just trendy but the benefits of using hemp-based cosmetics are obvious to see and nearly everyone experiences them quickly.

How to Make Hemp Soap

If you like to make your own hemp-based beauty products, check out this post for an easy-to-follow DIY hemp soap recipe.

Easy to Find Hemp-based Cosmetics

Because hemp is legal in most parts of the world, hemp-based cosmetics are generally easy to find.

There are growing numbers of products on the market that contain hemp, even some of the best-known beauty brands are introducing hemp into their products based on growing scientific proof.

Hemp is good for you, for your skin and much more and because the hemp-based products are easy and affordable to purchase and there are few if any side-effects they are well worth trying for yourself.

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