How Did We Start Cooking with Marijuana

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Salt, pepper, a couple of herbs… these are some of the usual suspects in anyone’s pantry. For those who are medicating with medical marijuana, a new staple could be the herb itself. For most people, Cannabis could only be infused in brownies and cookies – but with the culinary revolution going on full blast, making delicious meals and incorporating MJ in everyday dishes are gaining momentum.

Here’s what you need to know about cooking with Marijuana.

cooking with cannabis

The humble beginnings

First, let’s do a little bit of history. While there are no verified accounts of when Cannabis was first used as a cooking ingredient, it is said that people have been using the herb since 1580. Food historian K.T. Achaya said that it was during the 10th century when his countrymen first started to explore marijuana’s psychoactive properties.

They also used it as an ingredient for the drink, bhang. This drink is made of ground Cannabis, ghee, milk, and spices. This was highly popular around this time due to its “intoxicating” properties. The drink got its name, as they say that’s the sound your head makes once you take a sip.

Another key moment in the history of cooking with Marijuana was Alice B. Toklas’s recipe for Haschich Brownies. Her recipe was first published during 1954 in “The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook,” and while this is completely different from the space brownies – this has definitely sparked an edible revolution. This recipe just came on time during the psychedelic days of the 1960s.

Why do people cook with Marijuana?

A lot of medical Marijuana patients don’t prefer to smoke or vape, which is a common reason why they would choose to ingesting the drug gastrointestinally. Also, it’s much easier to find ways to integrate Cannabis with their daily lives, and cooking with Marijuana is one way. Not to mention, it’s so much more delicious!

Ingesting it gastrointestinally is quite different from the traditional way of Cannabis applications. It takes a little bit longer for a person to feel the psychoactive effects, however, the effect is prolonged. This is an important thing to note so that you could keep the experience pleasant by consuming edibles in moderation. Don’t let the delay bother you, it’ll come and it’ll be great.

Now that being a foodie is all the rage, MMJ patients would rather enjoy the herb beyond the traditional edibles like brownies and cookies. With Cannabutter and Cannaoil, the world of edibles has just been expanded and the possibilities are now endless.

fruits and marijuana

Get on the MJ gourmet food bandwagon!

Before you start whipping up delicious meals with a Canna twist, make sure that the Marijuana that you use has gone under decarboxylation. This is an important step before infusing it in butter or oil, depending on the dish that you’ll be making.

Baking recipes usually call for Cannabutter, while savory dishes usually use Cannaoil. Again, using raw flowers won’t give you the relaxing ‘high’ experience. Decarbing the marijuana before using it for edibles will help in extracting its psychoactive properties, and mixing it with fat soluble agents like oil and butter will make it ideal for edibles that will get you ‘high’.

Other things that you should keep in mind when using marijuana in cooking are first, grind your herbs very well and always strain it after. You don’t want to get little green flecks on your teeth while eating! Another thing would be to stick with your measurements. Adding too much Cannabis might make your experience an unpleasant one, so just add the right amount for you. Start with a small amount, and you can just add a bit more if you want to make your dishes ‘stronger’.

seeds and cooking with marijuana

Looking for recipes? They’re all over!

It’s so easy to find recipes online, and you can even try to medicate your favorite dishes like spaghetti, french toast, and even soup. Like I said, the possibilities are endless. If you need a bit of inspiration, you can check out these Youtubers and recipes from marijuana aficionados.

  1. UptownGrowLab, Inc.: If you are unsure of what you see online, these guys will try out the recipes for you – and they’ll even give it an honest review! This is a good Youtube channel to follow if you want to get advice from Cannabis “veterans.”
  2. Baked: Cooking with Mary Jean: This show is hosted by Vancouver citizen and pin up model Mary Jean Dunsdon. Other than the fact that she’s gorgeous, she sure knows how to whip up a culinary feast featuring our favorite ingredient, Cannabis.
  3. Original Weed Recipes: This website is a good resource for tried-and-tested recipes. It has a wide array of recipes for sweet and savory dishes, so you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of MJ dishes to prepare at home.

Don’t be afraid to try cooking with Marijuana, especially if you’re exploring new ways of enjoying the herb. Make your medicating experience a great one when you devour a tasty meal with a green twist everyday!

Do you have your own cannabis-infused homemade recipe? Why don’t you share it with our community?

Share it in the comments section below.

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