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How the Legislation of Cannabis Has Influenced Business

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Since the 2016 U.S. election, more than 28 states have now legalized hemp and medical use of marijuana. Others have even gone ahead to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Washington, DC is among these states.

As we speak, the legal marijuana sector employs around 150,000 people and is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. with more states approving the recreational use of cannabis.

Research shows that marijuana sales will surpass cigarette revenues by 2020. If you are researching on the development of the cannabis market for a business or economics assignment and are strapped for time, you can always get help for your job from experts at Homework doer.

However, this article will outline the simple ways of how these legislative changes have influenced business.

How the Legislation of Cannabis Has Influenced Business

The economic boost that’s provided by the marijuana industry will be significant when it comes to related industries. For instance, with the growth of a new retail sector, more business owners are likely to buy cash register systems, more web designers, electricians and security personnel will be hired.

Additionally, as more growing facilities and retail spaces open, previously empty warehouses are likely to become occupied, providing a potential boost to the commercial real estate and construction industries.

How the Legislation of Cannabis Has Influenced Business - Denver Colorado

Some office spaces are even opening for “marijuana business incubators” in the Colorado cities of Boulder and Denver, according to the MPG study, which dubbed the area “Cannabis Silicon Valley”.

Another point of view will be the impact of how organizations view employees who use marijuana products.

Microsoft Joined The Cannabis GAME

This can concern workplace productivity issues and treating people for health problems. Savings in this area could mean improvements in absenteeism and overall better health of the workers.

The American public hopes that companies will eventually stop drug testing for marijuana. Companies are likely to start realizing that where marijuana is legal, it’s safer than alcohol and has less detrimental effects on people’s productivity and their overall health.

The companies still discriminating against marijuana consumers will have problems with staffing, whereas companies that grow with the times are going to have an easier time maintaining employees.

Furthermore, people who faced prison charges due to marijuana-related offences could also potentially be back in the labour market in states that have made the drug legal — creating a significant rise in the workforce of the country.

Under federal law, marijuana still remains illegal. Some in the industry fear that it could soon be shut down at the national level, creating uncertainties in the cannabis industry players.

cannabis industry jobs-cannabis jobs

What are the Job Opportunities Available in this Industry?

Because this is a new industry, experience among those being hired is an unlikely concern. However, the skills needed aren’t much different than in other markets.

The following are some of the likely jobs in the marijuana industry:

  • Leading growers who will oversee construction and design of the grow operation. They follow the plant’s grow schedule and keep daily records about chemicals and lighting requirements.
  • Supervisors who will oversee the trimming and growing of marijuana plants.
  • Trimmers and site workers who will be responsible for actual manicure and preparation the marijuana plants.
  • Extractors that will have the expertise of chemically extracting the hemp from the plants
  • Budtender is the worker who knows about different strains and how they alleviate symptoms and cure various illnesses.
  • Chefs that can infuse food with cannabis.
  • Lab attendees that hey test the products to ensure they’re free of harmful pesticides and metals, they also ensure that the products contain the right amount of cannabinoids (THC and CBD).
  • Sales associates, who get the brand out to the market and ensure the company makes sales.
  • Security guards: On-site guards keep employees and patients safe. These workers ride with the dispensary manager to the bank for deposits.
  • Delivery drivers: These drivers deliver the products to businesses and potentially to patients, so they require excellent people skills.
Examining the Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana
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