How to Pick the Right Rolling Tray?

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When you want to do something, it’s usually best to make sure you’re organized and so is everything around you. Working in a cluttered workspace does not give you the best feng shui. This can make things difficult.

It’s good to know you don’t have to worry about that when it comes to your cannabis. A rolling tray is the perfect product to use when you’re handling dry herbs. It can be the difference between your spilled dry herbs and a clean rolling up area!

What is a Rolling Tray?

A rolling tray is exactly as it sounds! It is a tray on a flat surface that is used to roll up your cannabis on it. Many people who love rolling up a joint or filling up their cones do it on a rolling tray because it helps create a clean environment.

You can simply grind up your herbs in a grinder, dump it out on your tray and start filling up your smoking accessory.

The trays generally have curved edges to keep your loose leaf herbs falling. The great thing is they come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. Most of them are square or rectangular.

With the invention of the vaporizer, vape pens are another essential accessory to pack your herbs in. It is never smart to smoke a big nug all at once. This makes it hard for your herbs to get a nice even burn all around.

cannabis buds - marijuana grinder

Smoking a nug by itself is only going to burn the outside portion. This is why you can roll a joint with just nugs. Pipes are another product you want to get a good pack in. Once you grind your herbs, you need to pack it correctly.


There are many benefits to using a rolling tray. First and foremost, there are different designs to these. Not only in the aspect of a logo or color scheme but on the overall layout.

Some of them are plain and just feature a concave shape with a picture or graphic on it. Others have spots to place your pre-rolled cones, grinders, loose herbs, your phone and more.

Rolling trays also come in different materials. Some are made from plastic, resin, and others are made from wood or bamboo.

Most trays are made from metal or tin. This makes it lightweight but on the other end, it bends and dents easier. On the plus side,you can throw a magnetic lid on top to cover the top. This will make sure nothing falls out in case your tray flips over and falls on the floor.


Although they are mostly simple, rolling trays do come with some features. They differ from tray to tray and most of them don’t come with loaded features.

Glow trays are becoming popular. They are trays with LED lights that glow up from the LED. This lets you turn it on and roll up in the dark.

One of the most popular features is the holes that are pre-cut for grinders, cones, rolling papers and other accessories. These are generally able to close and open with a bottom piece and a top one. They lock together through a magnet.

One thing people love is their own personalized rolling tray. Most people use the tray to roll up their herbs so it doesn’t even matter what features it has.

Cannabis joint

Matter of fact, before these rolling trays became as popular as they are now, a lot of people simply just rolled up on a piece of paper.

A personalized item shows off something you love or even shows off who you are by giving you individuality.


Although you can roll up anywhere, a rolling tray is the ideal product to use for that. Even if you just want to grind your herbs up and spread it out on the tray, this will be great for it. You can do so without making a mess on your desk or table!

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