How to Smoke Weed Without Rolling Papers

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Although rolling a joint is the most popular method of smoking weed there are many other options. Here are three of the other ways you can use.

How to Smoke Weed Without Rolling Papers

If you are wondering what you can use as rolling paper, this article will help you!

You can now buy all kinds of different strains and quantities of weed online. These days, you even have a host of options for how to use your pot.

The most common method of smoking marijuana is by simply rolling a joint. However, this requires using rolling papers, which are thin papers that are designed to create roll-ups.

While rolling papers are reasonably priced and quite easy to find, you can often find yourself in some kind of situation where you will want to know how to smoke weed without papers.

Rolling papers are not completely essential. There are so many great ways you can smoke cannabis without having to purchase rolling materials and go through all the effort of rolling a joint.

But if you don’t have any, you may be wondering what you can use as a rolling paper.

Devambez Papers rolling paper watermarked

There are a lot of good alternatives to smoking, like using a vaporizer or using completely different methods of consumption. All of these methods can make viable alternatives for anyone who does not have rolling papers or simply does not want to roll a joint.

These methods are all very effective. Some of them are even stronger, more convenient and easier than smoking joints. You may even be tempted to completely do away with rolling papers altogether after trying them. We have a list of what you can use instead of a rolling paper.

Below are some of the best alternatives to using rolling papers when you want to smoke cannabis.


If you want a different method to smoking pot that does not require rolling papers and can even be healthier, then give vaping a try.

Vaping involves using a vaporizer or a vape pen which you load with weed. Then simply press a button to vaporize it, and take a couple of hits of the smooth weed filled vapour.

Vaping is beneficial for many different reasons. Many people choose to vape over smoking because it reduces the risk of potentially harmful toxins by producing a smokeless way to enjoy pot.

Not only is vaping a healthier option, but research also shows that vaping will give you a stronger high than smoking weed. Vape hits give you a chance to take in more THC from cannabis, giving you a much more potent high.

Vaping is also easy and quite convenient. When you load your plant into the vape chamber, the device will do the rest of the work for you.

Remember that some vaporizers are designed specifically for oils or concentrates instead of dry cannabis flowers, but they can be just as enjoyable.

You can purchase different types of vaporizers online. If you want to smoke pot, be sure to buy a vape that has a chamber that is compatible with dry herbs, like the Herbva Nokiva Portable.

smoke weed without rolling papers using Herbva Nokiva Portable Vaporizer


Using a pipe is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to smoke your green. Rolling a joint requires you to have a lot of materials and have to go through all the effort of making a roll-up, while simply using a pipe does not require that much effort at all.

In order to use a pipe with cannabis, you just have to put your pot in the bowl, burn it using a lighter, and inhale through the mouthpiece. You can enjoy smooth weed hits within less than a minute.

Not only is it so much easier than rolling a joint, but it will also hit you way harder because you can take in long, smooth hits due to the airflow.

You will want to grind your weed before you pack it into the bowl of the pipe to make things much easier. On the other hand, it is also easy to use small buds of cannabis by breaking them apart using your fingers. As a result, only a lighter is really required to smoke from a pipe, making it a great convenient way to smoke weed.

You can select from a wide range of glass or silicone pipes online. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Some of the pipes are designed to ensure maximum portability while others have awesome designs.


A Hookah is a unique type of smoking device that originates in India. It is designed for smoking flavoured tobacco, also known as shisha.

The weed is applied on the bowl right at the top, along with aluminum foil and coals. Once you have lit the hookah, just take a hit via the end of the hose.

Hookahs are not designed for handling cannabis, and many weed smokers recommend avoiding hookah completely. However, they can make for a unique and fun experience. Some even come with multiple hoses so that you and your buddies can take hits at the same time.

Since hookahs are not made to handle weed, the best thing is to mix your pot with some shisha. Place the shisha first, then add the marijuana to the top. You will get the potent effects of THC, as well as some tasty flavoured tobacco smoke. You also have the option of using hash with a hookah, just make sure you crumble it up well.

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