How to Make Your Own THC Vaporizer Cartridges at Home

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Making your very own THC infused vaporizer cartridges might be easier than you think.

Disposable vaporizer pens are becoming wildly popular in the legalized states in the US and there are good reasons for it.

They are very discreet and convenient to use and also very portable, they have almost no smell, you can take them with you a lot easier than most herbal vaporizers.

These pens are made with a so-called ‘510 thread’ battery that enables liquid cartridges to be screwed onto the top of them.

Some of them like the PCKT One vapor Unit does not even have to be turned on or off, you just draw and the device starts up the heating element and vaporizers your liquid for you. Just like that.

PCKT One Vapor Unit

It is quite inexpensive to buy one of these vapes and the cartridges are also fairly cheap and can be reused for a while.

All you need is the liquid that goes into your cartridges that you can prepare quite easily if you have access to cannabis oil, dabs or other types of cannabis-derived wax.

The liquid in the cartridges is basically cannabis oil infused into a neutral base liquid, kind of like a vape juice.

For this article and video, we used unflavoured shatter batter, so all the taste is coming from the dab itself.

The process is pretty simple and all detailed in the below video:

Step 1 – Measure the amount of dab and base liquid that you will be using for your cartridges.

For this step, you’ll need good quality scales that measures to the tenth of the gram, so you can measure your deb very precisely.

The general advice is to try 1gram of wax to 3ml of base liquid. We usually add the wax into a small measuring glass like the one you can see in the video. Once the dab is measured out, we move onto the shatter batter and measure that with a syringe.

Step 2 – Warm your mix until the wax dissolves in the base liquid (in this case shatter batter).

The best way we’ve found to go about this is to use a small pot and add some water to it and put it on the stove on medium heat. Bring the water almost to boil and add your measuring glass with your wax and base liquid mix.

Take extra care to ensure that no water gets in your mix. The glass jar tends to rattle around in the water a little bit, so pay attention while you are doing this step.

Keep stirring the mix with a small teaspoon or a similar stainless steel object and you’ll see your wax slowly dissolving into the base liquid.
When it looks like it’s done, it is usually not quite done yet. It takes a bit of a stirring to ensure you dissolve all your wax properly.

If you are dealing with rosin or shatter that should be quite simple, while crumbly concentrates might take a little longer to completely dissolve.
You may have to stir your mix for about 5 minutes or so before you are done to move onto the next step.

Step 3 – Inject the liquid you prepared into empty 510 thread cartridges.

Once your wax is completely dissolved into your base liquid, you are ready to fill your cartridges up with your newly created nectar.
For this process, you need to use a micropipette so you can get into the narrow space within your cartridges and fill them without spillage.

Once your cartridges are full, all you have left to do is to put the tops back and you are done.

It is really this simple to make your own THC infused cartridges at home.

We hope this short tutorial has been helpful and please feel free to let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions or suggestions.

isack cole

isack cole

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