How to Roll the Perfect Joint Every Time – Even If You Have Never Rolled One

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Rolling a joint is as much of an art as it is a science. It requires well-developed motor skills, patience and a lot of practice.

While I am aware that many people enjoy rolling a joint (and I have always watched them with amazement), I also know that a whole lot of people, including me, simply don’t enjoy the process.

I’ve never been huge on joints as a way to consume cannabis, mostly due to the fact that I could not be bothered rolling them.

I used to smoke out of a bong for a long time before I switched to vaporizing, and I tend to struggle a little at the rare occasions when I do have to roll one up.

I can do a somewhat ok job, but it takes me ages and it is not fun for me.

Recently, I have tried out the Grindarolla, a simple, but effective device that grinds your herbs and then funnels it into a joint for you.

Grindarolla in a box with rolling paper and cannabisIt is a shark teeth grinder that nicely grinds up your herbs and as your herb particles fall through the holes on the bottom of the grinder, they are funnelled into a Raw cone paper that you preload into the device.

Raw Cone Paper in the GrindarollaTo start rolling a joint, add the required amount of dry cannabis flowers into the top shark teeth grinder.

Herbs in the Grindarolla grinderGrind up your herbs and as they fall through the grinder, they fill up your cone.

Use the included green packing tool to pack your cone as tight as you wish.

Using the packing tool of the GrindarollaAs your cone paper is filling up, take off the grinder and finish packing it through the funnel.

Using the packing tool of the GrindarollaOnce you packed it, simply take off the bottom of the Grindarolla and push the joint out.

After that, all you have to do is simply twist the end of the cone a few times and you are good to light up and enjoy the fruit of your work.

If you are not quite ready to light it up at this point, you can simply slide your joint back to one of the 5 storage slots, to store it safely for you, until you get to it.

Grindarolla with a jointIt literally only takes 30 to 45 seconds to make a joint with this thing and you are unlikely to make a mess during the process.

Having the Raw cones does make life easier already, however, I find using the Grindarolla really simple, quick and effective.

Having the grinder feeding the herbs into the cone through the funnel is a great way to make this process as easy as possible.

I am not going to go back to smoke joints, I stick with vaporizing, however, when I do need to roll a joint in the future, I’ll most likely use the Grindarolla.

Do you like rolling joints? Share your rolling experience with us in the comments section below. 

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