How To Store Your Cannabis

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Who would want to smoke bad quality buds? Soon as it hits your throat, you’ll be coughing your lungs out! Keeping your precious herbs fresh and tasty is as important as picking the highest quality of Cannabis in the first place. This is why we need to have a proper way of storing our Cannabis.

Some people would use jars and plastics as a Cannabis storage. While others would purchase high-quality wooden boxes.

However, having a proper Cannabis storage box or jar is not enough to ensure your herbs freshness. In this article, I will show you where to properly store your Cannabis and the things that you can use to effectively retain its quality.

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Do’s and Don’ts when Storing your Cannabis

  • The two most important things you should do before storing your Cannabis are, to dry and cure it. The potency and smoothness of your buds would depend on how well they are cured before storage. And also, buds should be dry enough that they will not ‘sweat’ when stored.
  • Store your Cannabis in a dark place. Light degrades trichomes which contain the THC and other cannabinoids that we want to preserve to keep your herb highly effective.
  • Keep the area cool for Cannabis storage. Hot temperature would either make your herb sweat or become too dry. As soon as your weed starts to sweat, it will become susceptible to molding. If too dry, then, it will become brittle and will be too difficult to smoke or vape. However, extremely cold places would also dry up your herb. So, it is recommended to store your herb in a place where the temperature is just a little below room temperature.
  • Place your herb in a dry place with ideal humidity. It is well known to Cannabis enthusiasts, that the ideal humidity range for Cannabis storage is 59% to 63% relative humidity. If Cannabis is stored in a very humid area it will be moldy and your precious herb will just end up being unusable.

  • Do not freeze your Cannabis. As mentioned above, extremely cold storage areas will dry all the moisture out of your herb.
  • Maintain a steady temperature in the area where you store your Cannabis. Avoid letting your buds be exposed to changing temperatures. By doing so, your buds will catch molds and then go brittle and it will also affect its taste and potency.
  • Pick the right size of Cannabis storage container. The size of your container should be just right to the amount of weed you want to store. If the jar or box is too large it will expose your herb to too much oxygen. Excess air in your container will degrade your herb and reduce its potency, it will also dry up your herb too much.
  • Do not touch and jolt your weed too much. It will cause the trichomes to break off from the bud and end up on your hands instead. And the lower amount of trichomes in your weed, the lower its quality becomes. Too much manhandling of your herb will give you a bunch of shakes.
  • Do not use plastic bags as a cannabis storage container. This is one of the worst ways of storing your herb. Since plastic bags are not vacuum sealed, weed tends to lose its potency quickly in a short span of time. Your herbs also lose their taste and become brittle.

What Cannabis Storage Containers to Use?

Airtight Glass Containers

A glass is inert and impermeable. When you store your Cannabis in an airtight glass container, with the absence of oxygen, it will retain its freshness and stays as good as when you first put it inside. And also glass containers do not harbor flavor changing compounds when the temperature is unstable.

Here are some of the airtight glass containers you can use:

  • Mason jars that come with rubber or silicone seals. You can purchase airtight seals for your mason jars. These jars will keep your Cannabis fresh for about a year.
  • Glass herb containers. These glass containers are specifically designed for herbs and Cannabis. They are smell proof, airtight and has UV protection. These glass containers will also keep your Cannabis fresh for a year.
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Stainless-steel Containers

Stainless steel containers are more expensive than glass containers but also one of the great options for storing Cannabis. These containers are made of food-grade materials and are also light-proof, smell-proof and airtight. However, these can containers can only keep your weed fresh for 60 days.

Here are some of the airtight stainless-steel containers you can use:

  • Stainless-steel tin canister has a tight seal with a latch that would protect your weed from moisture, light and are also odor-proof.
  • CVault containers are next level stainless-steel Cannabis storage. Not only that they are light and odor-proof, they also feature humidity-controlled curing.

Humidor Boxes

Cannabis humidor boxes are the perfect storage boxes you can use to retain your herbs freshness. Not only that they maintain a constant humidity, they are also portable and discreet, best for traveling cannabis enthusiasts.

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Here are some of the best humidor boxes you can choose from:

  • Apothecarry Case is a top of the class Cannabis case that stores everything you need. It keeps your stash in the optimum level of freshness and ultimately secures your precious herb with its security features.
  • The Skunk Box is extremely portable with its travel-size feature. It has a hygrometer digital display that measures moisture level.
  • Cannador premium Cannabis storage boxes are uniquely designed for short and long-term storage. These high-end boxes are made of solid mahogany wood that controls humidity and odor. They also offer different box sizes to accommodate different amounts of marijuana.
  • Cannaseur premium Cannabis storage box is also made of wood, either made of walnut or mahogany. It features a two-way humidifying system that maintains a constant humidity level of 60 percent.

It is indeed important to know how to properly store our precious herb. Not only that we invested too much effort and money to grow our weed, but also, we do not want to consume a low-quality herb. So, make the perfect choice on the best way to preserve your Cannabis and don’t let it go to waste.

Do you know of any other method of storing your cannabis that is not mentioned above?

Share your experience with our community in the comments below.

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