How to Vape Cannabis Flowers

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Both recreational and medicinal marijuana users are increasingly favoring vaping over smoking. This is informed by the dangers of smoking to our respiratory systems. Vaping is a healthier option for people of all ages.

Some experienced marijuana users are hesitant to switch to vaping; they wonder if vaporizing flowers will have the same effect as smoking them. The truth of the matter is vaporizing is more powerful and immediate than smoking.

A cannabis flower vaporizer offers an alternative to people who do not want to smoke. As medicinal marijuana benefits become more apparent, more people want to experience it but don’t want to smoke it. This is understandable since smoking has been scientifically proven to be harmful to our health.

Even though smoking marijuana is not as dangerous as smoking cigarettes, it is still an excellent thing to vaporize instead.

Cannabis Flower Vaporizers

The vaporizer can be termed as an important product in the medicinal marijuana industry. It gives users a safe, convenient, and efficient way to consume medical cannabis.

The marijuana flower vaporizer works by heating marijuana at a lower temperature that one used in smoking. The lower temperature allows users to get all the medicinal benefits of the herb. Some of these are lost if cannabis is consumed through smoking.

Vaporization also allows the cannabinoids to quickly enter the bloodstream, thus offering immediate benefits to the users. When the user is a patient suffering from a condition, they want marijuana to act fast.

Marijuana flower vaporizers are convenient to carry around and use. They are small enough to fit into a pocket or a handbag. You can carry it in case you need to use it for symptom relief. Click here to read more about other significant benefits of vaping such as the privacy it guarantees.

Smoking marijuana is not a discreet affair. Anybody around you will get to know due to the strong aroma. Vaporization produces a much milder aroma, which quickly dissipates. Vaporizers allow users to control their dose, which is essential for medicinal cannabis use.

How to Vape Flower

Having observed that vaporizing herbs is the healthiest option of taking both medicinal and recreational cannabis, the question that will arise is how to vape cannabis flowers correctly to obtain the maximum benefits.

Vaporizing flowers is a skill; many people doing it for the first time do it wrong then get disappointed. They may even abandon it altogether and go back to smoking. This is despite the fact that quality marijuana flower vaporizers aren’t very cheap.

Most reasons why people get their first vaporizing experience wrong is mainly because they are using the wrong cannabis flower vaporizer or are expecting to feel the exact same experience as when they do smoke.

The first rule of thumb, the vape pen for flower must match your vaporizing style. It isn’t very easy to know your style if you have never vaped before, but you’ll soon get used to it.

Arizer Air and Solo Portable Vaporizers

Learning how to vape cannabis flowers is easier than you may imagine. There may be a lot of conflicting information on the internet, but trust me, it is easy.

Let me share some tips that I have learned in my experience using marijuana flower vaporizers

Use the right vaping temperature for your needs

We all use marijuana for different reasons. Vaping, unlike smoking, allows you to obtain the benefits to suit your needs. But generally speaking, the lower the temperature, the stronger the flavor. Higher temperatures give you a smoke-like experience but distort the flavor.

  • Lower level temperatures 160-180°C allow you to experience the flavor. It gives a light mental stimulation adequate for medication. It gives weak body effects.
  • Mid-level temperatures 180-200°C gives strong physical and mental stimulation/medication. You’ll still get to enjoy the flavor at this range and experience bodily effects.
  • Higher-level temperatures 200-230°C gives a harsh flavor. Some people describe it as similar to burnt popcorn. It will give intense mental and physical stimulation and strong body effects.

Different vape pens for flower require different grinding and packing

There are two types of vaporizers, conduction and convection. They function differently thus require different grinding.

For conduction vaporizers, you’ll require a fine grind. This is because cannabis is in contact with the heated wands in the chamber. So finer grinding exposes more particles, which is what you aim for.

Convection vaporizers work by circulating hot air in the chamber. This means that you want the airflow to be optimal. Finger grinding will ensure airflow within your vaporizing flowers for maximum effect.

Still, on this point, you need to pack your vaporizer following this concept. For conduction vaporizers, pack tightly enough to make sure the herbs are in contact with the heating wands. For convection, vaporizers, pack loosely so that the hot air flows in between.

Clean your vaporizer regularly

To get the best experience, make sure your vaporizer is clean. The residue that remains in the heating chamber, screens, and the vapor path will give a bad flavor. Most vaporizers have an instruction manual on how to clean it.

How to Use a Vape Pen for Flower

Before buying a vaporizer, first, ensure you can use it for flowers. Some are made for different use.

To use it, you’ll first need to warm it up. This doesn’t take a lot of time, just a minute or two. Depending on the type, some will require you to switch it on if it has rechargeable batteries or plug it to a power source.

You’ll then place your ground flowers into the heating chamber. Adjust the temperature to the optimal range and start inhaling. You’ll get to experience the flavor which will slowly decline as the cannabinoids are extorted from the flowers.

Marijuana flower vaporizers are easy to use and enjoyable. Vaping is one of the healthiest options of using medicinal cannabis for patients who don’t wish to smoke.

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