Hydroponics and Cannabis: Things to Avoid when Using Hydroponics to Grow Weed

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So, you have decided to try your hand at growing hydroponic cannabis. Sounds easy, right?

You’ve got all of the equipment that you think you will need, and you have watched all of the videos on how to set it up.

While the how-to tutorials may make it seem easy, there are a few things that you should avoid and watch out for with your new hydroponic system.

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It’s important to avoid temperatures that are either too low or too high. The optimal temperature of the water flowing through the system should be approximately 65°F (18°C).

Hydroponic Cannabis

This will prevent the build-up of algae and facilitate proper nutrient absorption. It is important to manage the build-up of algae by maintaining the proper temperature.


Cannabis plants take varying humidity levels depending upon their stage of growth.

It is important that you avoid the habit of keeping the humidity constant through the plant’s entire growth.

Young plants need a level of about 60 to 70 percent humidity. Once they move into the blooming stage, they will only need about 40 percent.


Stay away from improper lighting. The type of lighting you will want to consider depends on how much space you have for the system, and the distance between the plants and light source.

Small growing areas will benefit from LED light fixtures, while large growing rooms with plenty of ventilation will benefit from high-intensity discharge lights.


Don’t neglect learning about PH levels. This is quite important when growing hydroponic cannabis.

Plants that are not grown within the proper PH range will struggle and may even die. The ideal PH you should aim for is in the range level of high 5 to low 6.

If you find that the PH levels in your hydroponic cannabis is too high, you can remedy this easily using white vinegar.


Do not leave the hydroponic cannabis in a growing room that does not have proper ventilation and air flow.

It is important to the plant’s health that you place fans to cover most of the growing area. Having proper ventilation will maintain room temperature while providing proper air exchange.

Electrical Conductivity

Avoid ‘burning’ your cannabis plants by making sure that the electrical conductivity is within the proper range.

An electrical conductivity reading tells you the measurement of the total dissolved solids that are in the water. A reading that is too high can result in the ‘burning’ of the plant from a nutrient level that is too high; if it’s too low then it means the plant isn’t getting enough.

Practical Tips to Become a Tech-Savvy Marijuana Grower

It’s all a matter of attention to detail when it comes to growing hydroponic cannabis.

Once you have mastered the temperature and humidity, proper PH and electrical conductivity levels, and are providing those plants with the right amount of lighting and ventilation, you will be rewarded with a healthy and happy cannabis plant worthy of admiration.

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