Is marijuana effective against Tourette syndrome?

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Tourette’s syndrome can be cute in some instances, but that’s not always the case because Tourette’s can be very uncomfortable for people. Two types of tics are common: motor tics and vocal tics. These tics can be simple or complex, ranging from minor to very bad. Although we will learn about the symptoms soon, it is more important to know that this syndrome is incurable, which means one can only manage their mind around it and decrease the symptoms via therapies. In some cases, doctors also prescribe medical cannabis to minimize the symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome.

Let’s understand in detail what Tourette’s is and how cannabis is a potential medication for this condition.

What is Tourette’s?

Many people might already be aware of this syndrome, which is quite common. Anyone can develop it between the age of 5 – 10, but there have been cases where people develop it as late as their late teens.

Tourette syndrome is a neurological disorder that compels a person to repeat certain words or actions. Unfortunately, the main reason behind what causes these symptoms is still not known.


Tourette’s syndrome can be self-diagnosed through the symptoms that one shows. As we discussed before, there are two types of symptoms- motor tics and vocal tics.

Motor tics

Motor tics involve random jerks of the body movements like blinking, twitching, or leg or arm jerking. Simple motor tics only affect one or a few body parts, but in the case of severe or complex tics, many body parts are involved.

Vocal tics

Vocal tics cause the person to make sudden, involuntary tics. It also causes mild-to-complex symptoms.

Marijuana efficiency helps with the symptoms

For decades, cannabis and marijuana have been used for medical purposes, although some have diverged from that and instead used them for recreational purposes. Moreover, to this day, THC is approved for its use for problems like nausea, anorexia, and spasticity.


There are also studies done with THC on Tourette’s patients that suggest the positive effect of cannabis on them. One study suggests that marijuana might be effective in suppressing the tics and helping with behavioral problems.

Based on the data collected from the two controlled trials, many experts usually give medical cannabis recommendations to adults.

Another study suggests that 17 out of 64 TS patients reported positive effects of marijuana on reducing the severity of the tics.

The Takeaway

Marijuana is effective and has shown results for many TS patients. Couple marijuana with continuous therapy sessions, and you might see a great deal of improvement in your tics. But there is a catch: although marijuana is legal in many states, it is still illegal in the rest, which is why you will need a reliable medical marijuana card. A medical marijuana card will allow you to buy the required amount of marijuana under legal protection. It also gives you access to more potent and good-quality marijuana in greater quantity.

One way to get your card is through online platforms. Many platforms, like 420 Medical Card Online, make it possible to obtain your medical card online. They have an easy application process and can provide the card in the shortest time possible.

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