Joints vs. Blunts vs. Spliffs: What’s Best For You?

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How do you like to consume your weed? Joints vs Blunts vs Spliffs remains an everyday debate among cannabis consumers, despite the ever-growing ways of medicating with cannabis.

Due to the advancement in technology, vaporizing devices are flooding the Cannabis market nowadays.

With their state of the art method of consuming the herb, people are flocking to every vape shop to try this more convenient way of ingesting Cannabis products.

Cannabis Joints vs Blunts vs Spliffs

However, the more conventional way of devouring Marijuana, by smoking, still remains to be the most popular among global consumers.

If you are new to this good stuff, well-made Marijuana joints require creativity and skill. In fact, this one of a kind art of rolling Marijuana joints has been celebrated among Cannabis enthusiasts.

And through Marijuana Joint Rolling competitions, “rolling legends” were made.

To give you an overview of joint rolling, it has three categories: Marijuana Joints, Marijuana Blunts, and Marijuana Spliffs. Each is differentiated by their content and type of paper material used.

marijuana joints vs blunts vs spliffs

Marijuana Joints

Often known as pre-rolls in Cannabis dispensaries, Marijuana joints are Cannabis cigarettes rolled in a paper that come in different lengths. These rolling papers are usually made out of hempriceflax and other non-wood materials such as sisal and esparto.

When rolling Marijuana joints, they only contain Cannabis and often include a crutch, also known as a roach. A crutch serves as a filter, usually made of glass or wood pulp. It also acts as a handle that prevents burnt fingers or lips when smoking Marijuana joints.

And since joints only contain Cannabis, it will surely give that significant high that any Cannabis enthusiasts look for.

How are Marijuana joints rolled?

  1. First, grind the buds. You can grind your buds in any way you want, use a grinder, cut it using scissors or simply tear it up using your fingers, your choice.
  2. Then choose the rolling paper you prefer for making your joints. You can choose from papers made of hemp, rice, flax and other non-wood materials such as sisal and esparto.
  3. Then choose the material for your crutch. You can use a cardboard, cut it into a small rectangular shape and simply roll it into a cylinder. If you prefer a posh type, you can purchase a glass crutch.
  4. When your crutch is ready, place it at one of the end parts of the rolling paper then start filling it with ground Cannabis buds. Typically, a half to a gram of weed would be used to make a single joint.
  5. After your crutch and weed have been loaded to the paper, you need to shape it. Simply roll your joint back and forth using your fingertips until it’s tightly packed into its final shape.
  6. Now, the tricky part, rolling your joint. This step is where the quality of your joint would depend, you must seal your joint perfectly. For ease in rolling your joint, it is recommended to start at the end where the crutch is, it will guide the paper as you roll it. To start, tuck the non-sticky side of the paper, roll it then seal the other end of the paper using a bit of moisture.
  7. For the final step, pack your joint well for an even burn when smoking. Use a pen or any stick to push the weed down. If you prefer not to spark your joint right away, twist the tip to seal it.

ground up cannabis

Marijuana Blunts

Marijuana blunts are perfect for Cannabis enthusiasts who love the taste of cigars. Like joints blunts only contain Cannabis, however, weed is packed and resealed in a hollowed-out cigar rather than using a joint rolling paper. But you also have the option to purchase blunt wraps to prepare them.

Marijuana blunts are common in parties or in group sessions for sharing due to its size. Each rolled blunt is notably filled with more Cannabis than a typical joint. Smoking it alone can be very challenging especially for occasional users.

And since it only contains Cannabis like joints, it will surely give that significant high that every recreational user seeks.

Hence the euphoric effects, Marijuana blunts are still wrapped in tobacco and will give the same head-rush effects that a regular cigar smoking delivers. This is one of the biggest differences when we talk about joints vs blunts. 

And will also have every user to take a dose of nicotine since blunt wraps are made of tobacco leaves. So, if you are not a fan of nicotine, then, Marijuana blunt would probably not be the best choice for you.

marijuana blunts

How to make Marijuana blunts?

  1. Similar when rolling a joint, blunts use only ground weed then you roll it and seal it. However, handling Marijuana blunts is more delicate, the wraps tend to crack easily.
  2. First, prepare your blunt wrap. Empty a cigar by cutting it lengthwise then remove the ground tobacco leaves. If you prefer to purchase an already emptied cigar wrap or a blunt wrap, you may do so.
  3. When you have your empty blunt wrap ready, you must moisten it a bit to seal small cracks and for easier rolling.
  4. Then, start filling up your blunt wrap. You can fill up a blunt wrap up to two grams of Cannabis. But if you are already an experienced roller, you can add more weed and have no difficulties when you finally seal it.
  5. Now, it’s time to pack and seal your blunt. Roll the blunt wrap between your fingers to pack it evenly and be careful not to crack it. Then wet the exposed end and tuck it. Smoothen out any wrinkled part of your blunt.
  6. For the final step, bake your Marijuana blunt. Apply heat to dry it, you can use a lighter and run it lengthwise through the seam and around it. Keep a reasonable distance between the lighter and your blunt, you are just applying heat to dry it and not setting it on fire.

Marijuana Spliffs

Unlike joints and blunts, Marijuana spliffs are a combination of ground Cannabis and tobacco. One of the most popular benefits of smoking a spliff is it cuts down the smell of Cannabis. It does not remove the scent of Marijuana totally, but can notably add a layer of discretion when smoking weed.

Since it’s a mixture of Cannabis and tobacco leaves, the high is milder with Marijuana spliffs. Thus, these are perfect for users who want to enjoy their weed and still want to be fully functional to go about their daily routines.

Most Cannabis enthusiasts, especially the purists, enjoy smoking pure Marijuana and not to mix it with any other type of herbs or plants. But if you want the taste of tobacco and prefer a more subdued high, Marijuana spliffs might be worth a try.


Want to try out Marijuana spliffs? Here’s how you roll it.

  1. Similar to rolling joints, spliffs are rolled in the same wrap. First, choose the type of rolling wrap you want to use, such as hemp, rice, flax and other non-wood materials like sisal and esparto. Then, have your ground Cannabis and tobacco leaves ready.
  2. Then choose the material for your crutch. As mentioned above, you can use a cardboard, cut it into a small rectangular shape and simply roll it into a cylinder.
  3. Then, place the crutch at one of the end parts of the rolling paper. Spread the tobacco first then put your Cannabis on top of it. Ideally, the ratio is 60 percent tobacco and 40 percent weed. But you can definitely change these amounts based on your preference.
  4. When done filling your spliff, pack and seal it. Simply roll your spliff back and forth using your fingertips to pack it tightly into its final shape. Then tuck the non-sticky side of the paper, roll it and seal the other end of the paper using a bit of moisture.
  5. Use a pen or any stick to push the weed down and seal the end by twisting the tip if you prefer not to spark your spliff right away. Then you’re ready to light up your Marijuana spliff!

Joints vs blunts vs spliffs … each has its own unique qualities and provides different effects to its consumers. When deciding on which one to take, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the contents and effects each gives. This will ensure that your expectations will be met as you venture on these different types of rolled joints.

But you can always try them all and see what suits you best!

Which one is your favorite – joint, blunt or spliff?
Share your experience in the comment section below.
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