When is Justin Trudeau Going to Legalize Marijuana

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From the day Justin Trudeau won a majority of the Liberal electorate and took the leadership over Canada in October of 2015, he has promised to fulfill his plan of legalizing adult-use cannabis. Although  Canadian citizens would like pot to be decriminalized prior to its legalization, the Prime Minister remains skeptical to such voices and claims that he will not pursue the idea. Nevertheless, weed is still going to be legal regardless of how the government is going to accomplish the task.

The estimated timeline for cannabis legalization is spring A.D., but the government and the Prime Minister have stated that it may take some time before Canadians will be allowed to smoke marijuana in peace.

The Cash Injection to The Budget

full legalization of cannabis in Canada

The full legalization of cannabis in Canada would lead to a huge growth in the already thriving cannabis industry. When the Prime Minister decides to finally legalize both medicinal and recreational weed use, entrepreneurs who are interested in developing the market will be able to get a license to grow marijuana much more easily. The math is simple in this case; more businesses equals more money being pumped into the Canadian economy. The increased size of the Cannabis industry in North America may encourage the countries of other continents to follow suite.

It’s such a bright and promising scenario, isn’t it?

So… What’s The Problem?

serious obstacle that stands in the way of legalizing pot in Canada

There is one serious obstacle that stands in the way of legalizing pot in Canada. The country has to undergo a messy process of exiting three international drug treaties to which Canada signed in the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. According to experts, the procedure might require changing Canada’s constitution and thus convince other UN members to allow Canada to step back from the treaties.

Therefore, the government of Canada has to take its time to comply with all international agreements and make the legalization process as smooth as possible, although the rumors are that the UN’s bark is worse than their bite, so that issue will probably be more of a political formality.

This brings us to the final question: when is Justin Trudeau going to legalize marijuana?

New Announcement Just Made on Marijuana Legalization in Canada

Canadian government has taken the time and investment to make their decision.

At last a decision has been made.  After years, and extensive investment in Trudeau’s Marijuana Task Force, new legislation will be passed April 10th, 2017.

The legislation seeks to legalize weed for Canadians on July 1st, 2018.

Under the new laws, households can have up to four plants and it will be legal to have marijuana on your person. One thing for sure, with legalization will come heavier scrutiny of drivers under the influence.

Also, it is up to the individual provinces to decide whether or not they will have legal regulation of cannabis. Depending on where you live, you will have to check your local province’s decision.

Growers and retailers of cannabis are anxiously awaiting the decision, as investment grows they want to know which provinces to set up shop.

In conclusion, one thing is for sure, the Canadian government has taken the time and investment to make their decision. This is a great opportunity for the Canadian economy and users of cannabis.

All eyes are set on Canada as a decision has been reached on the implementation date.

Tell us your views on this new development in the comments below.

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