What You Should Know About Vaping Cannabis and How You Can Get Started

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Part 1: Why vaping is better than smoking Cannabis

Part 2: How to start vaping Cannabis

Part 3: Picking a Vaporizer for your Cannabis Needs

Haven’t heard about vaping Cannabis? Not even sure what ‘vaping’ is?

Well, there is a good reason why you are in the dark and in this guide I am going to bring you up to speed and introduce you to the way of the future.


Vaping Cannabis is increasingly rising in popularity, in fact, it is growing at such a phenomenal speed that it cannot be ignored anymore, those being kept in the dark are going to find out the truth sooner or later.

In the last 6 years, there has been a lot of controversy over ‘Vaping being a good thing or bad’ in general not only for cannabis. The mock studies that created the controversy have been disproven by renowned scientists and doctors.

The vaporizing industry has been smart in using social media platforms to educate those who were interested and avoid unfounded fear, similar to what society went through when the pharmaceutical companies created misinformation and hysteria against cannabis back in 1920.

The reason we don’t see a lot of pro-vaping or pro-cannabis information in the mainstream media such as newspapers or news networks is due to some surprising reasons.

In the documentary Merchants of Doubt (2014), it is revealed that the vaporizing industry and the cannabis industry are not powerhouse companies, meaning they do not have the same influence or connections that are needed to have the support from the Government and Media.

But this is now changing….

Before and still largely today, tobacco companies have that money and power.

The media is sponsored/funded by the same people running the tobacco industry and the ‘experts’ seen in the mainstream media are paid for by the exact same people. This is how tobacco has been keeping control and continuing to spread its deadly side effects.

And on the flip side as long as they have the power, vaporizing was given a ‘negative light’ even though it’s been proven the safer choice time and time again.  

vaping cannabis


Vaporizing is NOT, in fact, a danger and is now finally breaking past the boundaries set by the government and media.

Now that Cannabis Industry is rapidly growing in size, money and power so is the vaping industry for they both aid health and well-being lifestyles.

You can read  more about the Truths About Vaping & E-Cigs which is covered over on Vapefuse.com.

PART 1: Why Vaping Cannabis is Better Than Smoking

vaping cannabis

As Jens Peter Bork, M.D., Internal Medicine, Erlangen University Hospital clearly states, smoking any substance is harmful to your health, when you light a substance on fire it releases toxins and carcinogens just from the burning alone. For example even with cooking potatoes when you burn the potato skin to the point of browning you have created harmful carcinogens that you will be ingesting.

Vaping, on the other hand, is similar to cooking in either a conduction or convection oven. Meaning when vaped correctly any substance like cannabis will release only the therapeutic and medicinal properties without any potential toxins or carcinogens.

Health Risk Associated With Smoking Cannabis

vaping cannabis

The data is a clear indication that smoking (no matter what material) can cause numerous illnesses, diseases, and types of cancer. Smoking Cannabis has similar risks to smoking tobacco as you are still inhaling the carcinogens.

Smoking Cannabis results in inhaling carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other dangerous materials associated with combustion and smoke, however smoking Cannabis has not been proven to cause cancer despite the numerous studies conducted to do so. It is comforting to know, however before you get too comfortable with the process of smoking, keep in mind any other potential problems associated with inhaling smoke.

As many studies show, including Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking Fact Sheet from Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, that smoking tobacco is known for causing lung issues such as COPD, emphysema and chronic bronchitis, stroke and coronary heart disease.

Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking Fact Sheet -vaping cannabis

Smoking doesn’t just cause lung issues it can negatively affect the following areas:

  • lungs,
  • bladder,
  • blood (acute myeloid leukemia),
  • cervix,
  • colon and rectum (colorectal),
  • esophagus,
  • kidney and ureter,
  • larynx,
  • liver,
  • oropharynx (includes parts of the throat, tongue, soft palate, and the tonsils),
  • pancreas,
  • stomach,
  • trachea,
  • bronchus, and
  • lung

Smoking can also lead to blindness, baldness, cataracts, ankle fractures, early onset menopause, ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, and erectile dysfunction.

Vaping Cannabis firstly does not cause any of these illnesses and disease as far as studies show and in fact, it may help aid or treat a variety of cancers, diseases, and illnesses.

Therapeutic Benefits of Vaping Cannabis

There are over 700 medicinal uses for cannabis.  Yes, that’s A LOT and it’s a wonder we are not allowed access to this plant in many places around the world.

The most commonly known uses of Medical Cannabis is for treating acute pain, asthma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) gastritis and seizures.

But besides the serious health issues, it can help treat, there are many other reasons Cannabis is good for one’s health and well-being, such as

and so much more!

The Solution…

From the data, we can agree Cannabis is GOOD, but smoking ‘not so great’ and coming to the conclusion that the only and best solution is,

Vaporizing Cannabis!

Some could even argue that vaporizing cannabis daily (within reason) may actually increase a person’s overall health similar to how a glass of wine a day may be good for you.

Vaporizing is relatable to all adults and is regulated the same as tobacco products meaning users usually must be 19 years or older to vaporize. However, the simplicity of cannabis vaporizers makes it a fun, enjoyable, healthy hobby for anyone, no matter how old.

Vaping cannabis is the most versatile out of all natural herbal vape therapies since cannabis is safer than any other substance even water as it is impossible to overdose on.

When you vaporize cannabis you allow one hundred percent of the cannabinoids to treat your ailment without any risk of harmful, dangerous carcinogens, making cannabis vaporizers the greatest therapeutic tool for anyone.

"Because cannabinoid receptors, unlike opioid receptors, are not located in the brainstem areas controlling respiration, lethal overdoses from Cannabis and cannabinoids do not occur. Although cannabinoids are considered by some to be addictive drugs, their addictive potential is considerably lower than that of other prescribed agents or substances of abuse. The brain develops a tolerance to cannabinoids."– National Cancer Institute

Learn more about the science of Cannabis.

PART 2: How to Start Vaping Cannabis

vaping cannabis

When deciding on what method of cannabis vaporization is right for you, you must first learn the different types of cannabis vaporization.

  1. Dry Herb Cannabis
  2. Concentrated Cannabis Oil
  3. Concentrated Cannabis Waxes (also called Dabs)

With a medical cannabis card user can easily purchase any of these vapable cannabis products but, how to know which one is right for you?

First, you need to know the groups and you need to know what cannabis crystal is.

Cannabis crystal is the shiny, light, THC/CBD that resides on the outer parts of the plant. When cannabis is ground the crystals become separated from the cannabis and collects into either the grinder lid (desktop grinders) or a separate compartment (portable grinders).

Cannabis crystal

Dry herb cannabis is the most traditional method, users simply pack, ground cannabis into a vaporizer, heat and enjoy. This method provides the best throat hit and cleanest ingestion, however, you may experience a weaker flavour.

vaping cannabis

Concentrated cannabis oil is different than e-liquid as it is not made with propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, instead, it’s made from a complex and scientific extract of the crystals from the cannabis itself, similar to distilling. Medical cannabis oil is thick, crystal-like in color (gold), and produces extraordinary flavor, however, tend to be a smaller throat hit. This is not to be confused with CBD oil which is an oral tincture of medicinal cannabinoid oil or hash oil which is non-medicinal cannabis oil made with chemicals such as butane.

vaping cannabis

Cannabis waxes also called dabs are made from a very similar scientific extract of cannabis crystals like the concentrated cannabis oils. Cannabis waxes produce both an excellent throat hit and flavourful taste, for users who enjoy both. Not to be confused with shatter which is a non-medicinal cannabis substance that is made from soaking the cannabis crystal in butene or isopropyl alcohol.

PART 3: Picking the Cannabis Vaporizer for Your Needs

vaping cannabis

The things you’ll need to consider before looking at brands and designs is, do you need a desktop vaporizer (at home) or portable vaporizer (on-the-go) or… maybe even both!

Then you’ll want to decide on what substance or substances you’ll be using

  • dry cannabis
  • cannabis oil
  • cannabis waxes

If you want the option of switching between waxes, oils, and herbs then you’ll want a more versatile unit, but you can find out more about versatile devices here.

Finally, you also have to decide if you want a device which allows you to vape through

  • a balloon (bag)
  • stem (straw)
  • whip (tubing)

vaping cannabis

Checklist When Shopping for a Vaporizer

You can shop for vaporizers both offline and online, and it’s best to keep the checklist below on hand while you’re hunting:

Substance compatibility

Does the device work with herbs, waxes, or oils? Perhaps it’s a versatile device that is compatible with more than one method.

Device(s) desktop or portable

vaping cannabis

Desktop vaporizers are larger, good for longer lasting and quality cannabis vaping experience at home. They usually involve a power cord for wall outlets. Portables, on the other hand, are smaller, built for traveling and contain a battery either inbuilt or external.



  • Batteries external or inbuilt – Is the battery built in? Meaning the device while rechargeable will only last as long as the inbuilt battery does (2-5 years depending on usage). Or is the battery external? Meaning the rechargeable battery can be removed from the unit and replaced with a fresh new battery.
  • Power supply battery or gas – Most popular choice is battery power for portables, but you can also opt for pressurized butane as a heating and power source which eliminates the need for any power source to charge it. Most notable butane device is the Iolite collection. This can also be found certain vape pen mods mainly throughout Asia.


  • Whip vs Balloon – Inhalation method is another important decision. Do you have the luxury or preference of balloon attachments (bag or parachute method)? Or do you prefer the more laidback style of the classic whip? Similar to the hookah hose.

Bubblers- vaping cannabis

Bubblers are glass attachments that allow users to enjoy the luxury of added water filtration and the cooldown effect of the water. Do you enjoy fresh, crisp, cool flavour? Than a bubbler is perfect for you!

Chamber size


Do you need to vape large amounts at once (like a gram) to relieve your ailment? Maybe you need only a small amount (.5 grams) at the moment say for anxiety? Then knowing the chamber size will be a great step in deciding what vape is best suited for your lifestyle.

Price vs quality

This is where peer review will come in handy. You will want to make sure the device is worth its price tag. Does the battery hold up when compared to other models that cost about the same? What are the defective stats on the unit? How has their customer service been for other users? What were the comments on flavor or throat hit?

Device difficulty

Peer review can also be used to help you determine if a device is right for you. How easy is the unit to operate? Do you have full control of vaping temp to ensure the highest quality of cannabis vaping? Can you switch between inhalation methods such whip or balloon or are you limited to just one? Device maintenance, help, and advice.

All of these are important considerations you’ll need to ask yourself when purchasing any vaporizer, no matter how many times you have purchased one in the past.

You want to make sure you have a device that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Shopping for Vaporizers

vaping cannabis

People who are always out and about and are rarely home might want to invest in a top of the line portable vaporizer for vaping cannabis. This way it can endure travel and still provide a top experience.

If the same user needs the device for sore throats, then getting a portable with a bubbler attachment is an excellent idea. A great vaporizer is the Arizer Solo Air or Cloud Phantom.

A user who is looking to enjoy the medicinal effects of concentrated cannabis waxes primarily from home would need to invest in a device that is compatible with waxes only.

Examples of devices for waxes is referred to as a rig (glass device similar to ancient vaping using the heat of stones or metal).

Alternatively, a more convenient option is a Cloud Electro wax vaporizer that comes with an attached bubbler for the ultimate cannabis vaping experience.

Recommended Vaporizers for Cannabis

Dry Cannabis Cannabis Oil Cannabis Wax
Cloud Diamond Collection Cloud Classic Collection Cloud Electro
Cloud Terra Collection Cloud Platinum Collection Dap Rigs (glass units)
Haze Portable Vaporizer (Allows you to switch between 2 flavours, with 2 separate chambers) Haze Portable Vaporizer (Allows you to switch between 2 flavours, with 2 separate chambers)
Arizer Extreme-Q (Desktop) Arizer Extreme-Q (Desktop)
Compatible with almost all devices; Most compatible out of the 3 methods. Moderately compatible with most devices; 2nd most compatible of the 3 methods. Usually specifically compatible with wax devices; least compatible out of the 3 methods.


Any name brand company such as the,

  • Storz-Bickel collection
  • Vapir collection
  • Cloud Collections
  • Arizer Collection

Will carry at least one model that is for dry herb cannabis and one model that is versatile with both dry cannabis and cannabis oil.

Shopping for vaporizers has never been easier thanks to local businesses and online stores, users from all over the world can experience the best vaporizers with just a click of a button.

Vaping Cannabis is for Everyone

vaping cannabis

Between the different strains of cannabis, extracts of cannabis (herbs, oils, and waxes)  combined with the endless world of cannabis vaporizers, users from all walks of life have the chance to enjoy a therapeutic all-natural journey. Vaping cannabis not only aids personal health and treatment without any risk of overdose or withdrawal but encourages overall well-being.

In a world where prescription drugs kill over 100,000 people a year in every major Western country, vaping medical cannabis seems like much safer alternative that could not have come at a better time.

What are your thoughts on cannabis vaporizers?
Would you ever try vaping cannabis?

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