Living with Multiple Sclerosis – 5 Things to Help Improve Your Life

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You might have heard about a chronic disease called multiple sclerosis (MS). This neurodegenerative disease affects the central nervous system and leads to various symptoms. Individuals with this disease may experience numbness in the limbs, blurred vision, mobility problems, muscle spasticity, and even paralysis.

More than 250,000 people are living with MS in Canada. There are a lot of treatments coming up that help slow down the progression of the disease, but it can not be cured yet.

The symptoms that come with multiple sclerosis can seriously disrupt an individual’s life in all aspects. It can lower down their quality of life. We have curated a list of 5 things that can help improve your quality of life if you are suffering from MS.

Make Exercise An Essential Part of Your Life

As an individual who is living with MS, it is important to maintain and build endurance along with increasing muscle strength. MS patients are extremely prone to developing osteoporosis– a condition in which bones can become fragile and thin.

Low-impact exercises can be extremely helpful in keeping your body active such as biking, swimming, or even walking.

Make Up A Good Sleep Hygiene Routine

It is important to get an adequate amount of sleep so that your body can battle MS fatigue. Sleep hygiene involves developing good practices that help you fall asleep at night. These also include things that you do during the day.

This includes reducing the amount of coffee and alcohol that you drink and eating well-balanced meals throughout the day. Establish a routine that helps promote calmness and relaxation in your body before you try to sleep. It will also be helpful to stay away from bright screens at least an hour before your bedtime.

Smoke Weed

Multiple studies show the efficacy of weed in helping treat problems such as multiple spasticity. A study conducted in 2019 showed the progressive ease of muscle pain among MS patients after consuming marijuana regularly.

Cannabis Bud

Remember to take strains that help promote relaxation such as gods green crack, a favorite among many users for inducing sleep and relaxation. Cannabis also is known to help with pain, a major symptom of multiple sclerosis.

Eat Healthy

Eating well-balanced meals is important for everyone, but is especially important for people living with MS. Gaining weight in MS can lead to more brain lesions and a faster disability progression.

It is important to eat a low-fat diet that includes whole foods, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Do not forget to include enough fiber in your diet in order to promote good bowel function.

Eat foods rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. There is some evidence suggesting that these fats can help reduce the intensity of MS attacks.

Rearrange Your Environment for Ease

You should come up with a strategy to help you set up your work and home environment. Adjustments will be needed as your disease progresses.

For example, it would be better to place the most used kitchen utensils closer to you, or to place heavy appliances somewhere they won’t be moved around. Anything around your house that could trip you such as rugs or excessive furniture should be kept away.

Try to talk to your supervisor about ergonomic equipment to make your work life easier. As a multiple sclerosis patient, it is important to try different things to help improve your quality of life. Use these tips and tricks to help you take on your disease in a better way.

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