5 Ways to Manage Anxiety Attacks in Stressful Situation

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Anxiety attacks involve intense fear, extreme apprehension, hyperventilating, and worrying. Sometimes, it feels as though you are losing control or going to pass out.

Unfortunately, scientists have not been able to explain this phenomenon. Nonetheless, as with any ailment, there is generally more than one reason, some of which can be interrelated.

Anxiety attacks are believed to be caused by a variety of factors including stressors, monetary issues, relationship issues, mourning, ailments, and medication. However, when determining possible causes, personality traits, family history, environmental factors, past traumas, and brain chemistry are often assessed.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for this unexplainable condition, so medical providers can only provide remedies. Anxiety attacks are a condition that can happen abruptly. Therefore, it is essential that sufferers learn how to manage the condition. The following is a list of ways to manage anxiety attacks.

Just Relax

Relax your body, while tensing each leg one at a time. After tensing each leg, allow it to relax. Proceed onward to your thighs. If possible, have someone to massage your shoulders and your upper arms.

As you tense and relax your body, allow your mind to relax and disengage from distracting thoughts. This will help you release any physical tension caused by stressful situations. It will also help you focus on your body in a more positive way.

Breathe Slowly

Slowly breathe in deeply, hold it in for 1 second. As you breathe, allow yourself to feel air entering your chest. Then, slowly exhale or breathe out.

Try slowing down the pace of your breathing through your lips. This will help control your breathing. Breathe in and out a total of four times for five minutes. The evening out of your breathing will slow down your heart rate. It will also help control other anxiety attack symptoms.

Write Down Your Thoughts

Feelings of anxiety can be very overwhelming. You may even feel you are losing control. Keep a journal of your thoughts, to deal with any negative feelings.

It is an effective way to discover your feelings when you are unable to express your thoughts to others. This will help reduce your stress level and help you to take control of your thought life.


If you find it difficult to cope with anxiety attacks, speak with a psychotherapist. A psychotherapist will help reveal the underlying causes of your symptoms. They will also provide you with the tools you need to overcome anxiety attacks.

Additionally, they will teach you how to use those tools. You will develop better-coping skills, as well as, problem-solving skills.

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Focus of the SELF

What you focus on is usually what you feel. Also, what consumes your thought process, consumes your life. Travel to the ocean or use a high-quality stereo, to listen to the sounds of the waves.

As you listen, you will begin to focus on the sounds instead of the current situation at hand. You will feel your stress level melt away and feel more at peace. You will feel instantly calm and relaxed.

You can also use various sativa strains of THC to help focus. Many users swear by the healing effects of THC and music to help beat anxiety.

Anxiety can interfere with your life as well as your relationships. By taking control of your thoughts, it can reduce all of the negative feelings that come with anxiety.

Coping techniques, such as deep breathing and recording your thoughts, are useful tools to overcome anxiety. Not only will these techniques help you gain control of your life. You will also live a happier and healthier life.

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