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15 Marijuana Jobs You Can Choose

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If you’re interested in starting a career in the Marijuana industry, you’re in luck as there are tons of marijuana jobs and opportunities currently being offered. While it’s only available in the United States, still stick around to know more about the jobs and the kind of skills and experience they’re looking for.

One thing you need to know is that the industry runs and thrives just like any other business. Marijuana jobs aren’t limited to just being a tender and other jobs that are confined on the field, as there are sales and marketing positions being offered now. No matter what your background is, you’ll find a profession fit for you here.

We checked out listings at 420 Careers,  THC Jobs, Ganjapreneur, and Miss Mary Staffing (human resources agency for dispensaries) and we picked out 15 of the most promising opportunities.

15. Paid Internships

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This is mainly for those who don’t know much about how the industry works yet, but are passionate and genuinely interested in it. Interns can learn the ins and outs through the companies’ immersive programs.

14. Dispensary Manager

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Of course, as dispensaries open in more areas in the country, more people are needed to man it. Some skills needed are inventory audit, inventory ordering, retail accounting, and hands-on experience in budtending.

13. Sales Executives

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Dispensaries also need people to work the floor and this is where this job is needed. Keep the business running by pushing Marijuana products to customers. This could lead to being a dispensary manager in the long run.

12. Trimmer/Budtender

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Harvesting, growing, and tending are part of your day-to-days. If you like getting in touch with nature, then this job is suitable for you. Additionally, this is an entry-level job so anybody interest could apply.

11. Account Executive

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Yes, even this industry needs AEs! Industry knowledge is a must here, as your main task is keep the business running through creating relationships with clients and customers. Business development is one of the main focuses as well.

10. Edible Creator

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If you have culinary skills alongside a passion for the herb, try this job out. Create tasty treats like brownies and cookies – and the best thing about it is that you’ll be helping out many medical THC patients who can only consume edibles.

9. Glass Merchant

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It takes an artisan’s hands to create beautiful glass pipes and vaporizers. Although glass crafts have been around for a long time, a Marijuana-centric artisan is still yet to emerge. The demand is definitely there though.

8. Courier

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A lot of people can’t make it to their nearest dispensaries for various seasons, but this job will help fill that gap. With more retail stores opening nationwide, delivery services will definitely follow. With couriers getting hands on the drug (legally!) will just be as easy as getting pizza at home.

7. Reviewer

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You read it right! This job entails trying and testing out new strains for the sake of informing the consumers. Their job is pretty important, as there are many medical Cannabis patients who take great value in honest reviews before they try it out themselves.

6. Weed Writer

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The key responsibility for a writer is to inform people about the herb. Content marketing is getting huge as well and companies would want to have a writer under their wing.

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5. Social Media Coordinator

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Digital marketing is also essential for any type of industry, and if you have a social media arm to step things up, then you will be able to reach out to more potential markets. Coordinators implement plans and engage with the clientele on a regular basis.

4. Compliance Coordinator

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This job is very important too as the industry observes a lot of rules and regulations. In order for the business to be smooth-sailing and with proper compliance, there will be little problems to face.

3. Extraction Technician

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This is actually one of the highest paying jobs in the industry. It takes a true expert to get the best extraction – and to keep it consistent every time. There are specialists who are hired and trained for this profession, and it’s one of the more technical jobs in the spectrum.

2. Brand Ambassador

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If you have some time in your hands to attend events on the regular basis, then you can sign up for this. This requires minimal office time, however, a lot is expected when it comes to events – from social media postings to brand representation.

1. Security

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Of course, Marijuana is still pending legality to most states in the United States. Security has been a growing concern among many dispensary operators to make sure that product transfers and money are kept safe and secure. Majority of the stores are looking into hiring security staff as business gets bigger.

Make your Passion your Profession!

These are just some of the current openings, but soon enough, there will be opportunities for any type of professional. Are you interested in any of these marijuana jobs?

Go ahead, jump start your career in the Cannabis industry now!

What Marijuana jobs would you like to venture into?

Share with us and we might give you some more tips!

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