Wondering what Marijuana Kief is?

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Marijuana or Cannabis kief is the simplest of all cannabis concentrates when extracted. This is the crystalline sticky resin that cover the cannabis flower. It contains high amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids than any part of the cannabis plant, producing intense flavor and satisfying high. Marijuana kief has been known as a byproduct of the cannabis plant but actually is the highest form of cannabis concentrate.

Kief Extraction Process

The best way to extract kief is by using a four-piece grinder with a kief catcher. The buds are placed in the topmost chamber. Through repeated grinding, the pollens are separated from the bud and are stored in the kief catcher. This simple kief extraction can be safely performed at home with convenience.

Using your hands in extracting marijuana kief can also be done. However, by doing so, most of the THC resin will end up in your hands, resulting in a lower THC content, thus, lower concentrate potency. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive ingredient of the cannabis plant.

How is Marijuana Kief Used?


marijuana kief

Smoking cannabis kief is still the most common way to consume it. Marijuana kief can be mixed with ground cannabis flowers and rolled in a joint. It can also be puffed with the use of a cannabis pipe.


Another way is to make it as a hash. Cannabis kief simply undergoes an extraction process through heating and applying extreme pressure. The end product would be a darker colored marijuana kief that can be smoked by using kief compatible pipe.


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For higher concentration and potency, marijuana kief can be used as dabs for the method dabbing.

Dabs are cannabis concentrates consist of THC and cannabinoids extracted through the use of solvents. It has a sticky consistency and the end products are in a form of wax, budder, shatter or butane hash oil.

Dabbing is the form of heating up these concentrates on surface which is very hot where they melt and produce a vapor. It usually requires a metal loader attached to a bong.


How You can benefit from Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs-marijuana kief

If you are into vaping, the best way to use kief would be as an e-juice.  

It is highly potent with no distinctive smell, giving each user with utmost discretion. Marijuana kief is mixed with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. The mixture is then simmered using a double boiler until the marijuana kief melts and the mixture’s consistency becomes smooth. The mixture is then filtered using a coffee filter to isolate the plant’s byproducts. A regular e-cig juice can be added for flavor.


One of the most preferred ways to consume cannabis kief is mixing it to your favorite cuisine. Since marijuana kief is highly potent, a small amount would be enough to provide your desired spike and at the same time without changing the taste of your food. It is usually mixed with butter when consumed with cooked food.

A Closer Look: Marijuana Kief, Hash and Ground Herb

marijuana kief

All three are products of the cannabis plant. But each are prepared differently with varying appearance, potency and purity.

Marijuana Kief

This is the purest and simplest form of cannabis extract.

These loose trichomes covering the cannabis flower contain higher amounts of terpene and cannabinoids, making it highly potent.

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To maintain its utmost purity, marijuana kief has the simplest extraction method without the use of any foreign compound or solvent. It is simply extracted using a multi-layered grinding machine to separate the kief from the cannabis flower.

The end product can then be used in multiple application, such as smoking it as a rolled joint or through vaping and as an additive to food without affecting its flavor. And due to its high potency, only a small amount of marijuana kief is needed to reach your desired kick. And being the purest of all cannabis extract, kief can be considered as the safest concentrate to use.


Unlike the loose powdery form of marijuana kief, hash, on the other hand, is a pressed trichome giving it a solid appearance.

Hash is made by applying extensive heat and pressure to marijuana kief, causing the trichomes to breakdown and fuse. Thus, affecting its potency, flavor and consistency. Hash is made through hand rolling, flat screening and blender method.

Ground Herb

Ground herbs are made by granulating cannabis buds using either traditional grinders or multilevel grinders.

marijuana kief

These ground herbs are then consumed as a rolled joint for smoking or through vaporizing the herbs with the use of a marijuana vaporizer.

Through grinding raw cannabis buds, its potency can be lesser compared to marijuana kief and hash when consumed. Lower potency happens when significant amount of trichomes fall off the cannabis during the grinding process and a low-quality grinder is being used.

Ground herbs also have a different flavor compared to marijuana kief and hash due to the presence of other plant materials. With its end product being adulterated with other plant part materials, the flavor may somewhat be harsh and the side effects can be different in contrast to hash and marijuana kief.

Out of the three marijuana products, kief is the most potent concentrate due to its purity. It may not be as exciting to use as the other products but definitely it’s the easiest and safest to make at home. Also, since it’s highly potent, marijuana kief can be taken at small amounts without affecting its flavor and satisfying kick. And if you prefer a more natural and intense flavor on your cannabis product, then kief is the way to go.

Advantages of Using Marijuana Kief

Healthy Alternative

Given that kief has a high THC content, only a small amount is needed to meet your preferred kick, minimizing health risks from its side effects.

High Potency and Intense Flavor

Marijuana kief is known to be the purest of all concentrates. It does not contain any other cannabis plant material that can affect its flavor and potency. The prime and only ingredient in a marijuana are the trichomes extracted from its buds and flowers. The extraction is through grinding without the use of any solvent.

Safe and Easy to Extract

With a simple use of a multi-level grinder, a silk strainer or with bare hands, marijuana kief can safely and easily be harvested from the cannabis plant.

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