10 Best Marijuana Strains for Cancer Relief

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Did you know that by average only 50% of people survive cancer? Getting treatments for cancer is not easy. It is the most painful and uncomfortable treatment that someone can receive. People who survive cancer need more than opiates to function.

New researches have proven that several strains of cannabis can help make the post-chemotherapy phase comfortable for users.
Some cannabis strains are so good at mitigating the side effects of cancer and its treatments that many patients have sworn by their results.

Below are given a few strains that help ease the discomfort caused by cancer. If you don’t know where to find these strains, head to the online shop Lotusland Cannabis Club. They offer affordable prices without compromising the quality.

Super Lemon Haze

Undergoing chemotherapy not only leaves you physically weak, but it can also potentially drain your will to live. Patients often find it hard to get through the process of chemotherapy. This sativa-based strain can provide with an uplifted mood and energy to help get through the day. The concentration of THC in this strain is about 25%; it’s preferable if you smoke this strain in the morning.

It can also help deal with the loss of appetite which is normally accompanied by several cancer types and chemotherapy. This strain has a citrus, lemony taste which cures nausea as well. It has won the High Times Cannabis Cup, and it’s one of the popular strains.

Cookies and Cream

This strain is a hybrid with a quirky name that it derives from its ancestors: Starfighter and the Girl Scout Cookies. The THC quantity of this strain is somewhere between 20%-25%. Its scent is like vanilla, and it tastes almost like a dessert, so those of you who avoid cannabis because they don’t like the flavor on their palate can safely try this.

This strain is great for treating insomnia, nausea and it can even replace the opiates for those who suffer from pain. The high of this strain builds up gradually, and you might experience lightheadedness after smoking this strain.


Another hybrid strain is Cannatonic, and just like its name suggests, it can uplift your mood and energize you instead of affecting like a sedative. Strangely enough, the concentration of THC in this strain is quite low sitting at about 6%.

On the other hand, the CBD concentration is about 2% which is quite high compared to a lot of other strains. Cannatonic can give you cotton mouth, however. This strain is particularly effective for pain relief and the best time to smoke it is in the mornings and afternoons.


Ingrid is an Indica leaning strain. The highest tested THC in this strain is about 25%. It is commonly used to treat insomnia, anxiety and pain. Because of the Indica, this strain can make you feel euphoric and focused. This strain was made by crossing the Hash Plant and UK Cheese. Therefore, it has a pungent, almost sour aroma when burned.

But if you’re suffering from nausea, I wouldn’t recommend smoking up this strain because it has an awful aroma for those who are a bit squeamish. It can help deal with the loss of appetite, though, and you are likely to crave spicy food after smoking this strain.

Blueberry Kush

Another Indica leaning strain, Blueberry Kush has about 24% THC in it. The recommended time for smoking this strain is in the evening or at night because of its sedative effect on the brain. This strain is very good for handling the pain, and most of the cancer patients smoke it for either dealing with the pain or curing their nausea.

As it is evident from its name, Blueberry Kush is a cross of OG Kush and another Indica strain Blueberry. This strain even tastes like blueberry, so you’re likely to enjoy the taste on your palate.

Mr. Nice

Another strain that cancer patients swear by is Mr. Nice. This strain has about 20% of THC in it. The quirky name of this strain has a history. It is named after Howard Marks who was considered one of the most sophisticated drugs baron of his time. It is also known as Mr Nice Guy. People use it as a painkiller, and also to help deal with depression and anxiety. A common side effect of this strain is dry eyes and cottonmouth.


This is a sativa-based strain with a THC concentration of about 14%. You can smoke it in the afternoon, and it can release all the tension that’s trapped in your body. A cross of Afghani Indica & Purple Thai gave birth to this amazing strain.

The most common use of this strain is treating depression and anxiety. The taste of this strain is both citrus and sweet. It is also very helpful with the migraine. You’re likely to feel happier if you smoke this strain.

Harm Reduction for Cannabis Consumers


The most common purpose of this strain is medical usage. ACDC is a hybrid with a strange ratio of THC to CBD. The concentration of THC in this strain is as low as 6% whereas the content of CBD can be as high as 15%. It serves as a great opiate without forcing you to munch on everything edible that you come across.

Critical Mass

This is another Indica strain with a strong concentration of THC. The best time of using this strain is at night, it can cause dizziness, and it works as a sedative. Therefore, I recommend that this strain should be used as a painkiller because it provides relief from pain and helps the patient fall asleep. It is also great for treating loss of appetite.

Cannabis for HIV/AIDS


This strain is like ACDC; it comprises of high concentration of CBD and the THC percentage in this strain goes as low as 1%. Although it works much like a sedative, the best time to smoke this strain is in the morning. It is a descendant of Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk. The strain is specific for medical usage, and people don’t usually smoke it for recreational purposes.

If you have any experience with the above cannabis strains to help to ease the side effects caused by cancer treatments or if you have any other strains to add to this list, please let us know in the comments section below.

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