Marijuana Tea: Daily Goodness in a Cup

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Whether it’s for sleep or for a quick pick-me-upper, tea is one of the most favorite beverages in the world. There are many benefits that come with the well-loved drink, but have you heard of Marijuana tea?

Marijuana tea is probably the simplest way to consume the herb, as one only needs to steep some of its leaves in hot water.

If you love your daily cup of tea and you’re a fan of the benefits of Cannabis, here’s what you need to know about your soon-to-be favorite beverage.

Why Do People Drink Tea Instead of Smoking It?

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There are many implications that come with smoking, like the carcinogens from the plant matter and the rolling paper. A lot of people don’t want to be exposed to that, but they still want to consume Cannabis. This is where edibles like brownies or tea can be an option.

Marijuana unique tea has a more subdued effect and it can even be compared to chamomile tea in terms of calming properties. If you’re looking for the psychoactive effects though, then you might not get it here. It does depend, however, on the kind of strain that you use.

If you want to feel that “high”, you can add some milk to the tea. It is said that you can experience stronger effects on the Cannabis sativa plant through this addition.

Ganja Tea in Jamaica

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While some people simply just enjoy a cup of tea, Jamaica takes it a little bit more seriously. People from the countryside treat this beverage as medicine and it is customary. The leaves that they use are not dried and harvested, but rather, they are taken from a young plant. This isn’t as potent as how tea is traditionally prepared.

Jamaicans in these regions use this mild tea to alleviate simple illnesses like fever and colds and they also consume it to reduce stress.

They believe by drinking the tea, it will boost their immunity and keep their body strong.

The Benefits of Marijuana Tea

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Tea, in its own glory, has a bunch of health benefits, so with the introduction of Marijuana to your tea pantry, you may have a world of healthy and highly beneficial drink options.

Pain Relief

Marijuana patients are prescribed the herb due to its relaxant and pain-relieving qualities. When the Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is absorbed into the system, it is picked up by cannabinoid receptors, which then leads to the feeling of pain relief and relaxation.

This is often the first reason why medical Marijuana patients take the drug regularly, especially if they’re dealing with major diseases like cancer and HIV/AIDS since they’re constantly in a lot of pain.


A lot of people drink tea as part of their daily relaxation routine, and with the known benefits of Marijuana in alleviating anxiety – you’ll have no worries about getting your downtime disrupted.

Reduce Nausea

Another benefit of drinking Marijuana tea is it helps reduce nausea. The herb is also known to cause an increase in appetite, and those who are suffering from eating disorders might benefit from a daily cup.

Where Can You Get THC-Infused Teas?

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Just like the world of edibles, there are many stores who sell THC-infused teas. These are just some of the few brands that offer specially made teas.

Jane’s Brew Gourmet Cannabis Infused Teas was hailed the Best Edible and Connoisseur’s Choice for 2015. The brand has a great range of caffeinated and decaffeinated teas that come in bags. For those who prepare their tea the 2016 way, they have Keurigs alongside C-Cups as well.

Kombucha is probably one of the biggest hipster trends and of course, there’s a green version of it. Kannabucha by Tahoe Herbal Co. is a fizzy tea drink packed with Cannabis extract. If you want to get a kick as well as an energy boost, then you’ll enjoy a bottle of this.

Don’t Have Access? Just Prepare it at Home!

If you don’t have any store near you that sells this product, you can easily do it by yourself. If you make a batch that’s just Marijuana and boiled water, then the taste might not be so pleasant.

Thankfully, there are many recipes online that make for a delicious cup of tea. Here’s one to start with.

Billy’s Marijuana Tea

4 cups water

1 cup marijuana leaf

2 of your favorite tea bags

honey (optional, but good)

milk/soy milk/rice milk (optional, but good)

Boil water and leave the leaf simmering in water for about 15 min. Add tea bags and or milk/honey and boil for another 5-10 min. If adding milk, pour very slowly so the milk doesn’t curdle. Or microwave the milk first so it’s a little warm as it hits the boiling tea.

If you’re preparing it at home, make sure that the Marijuana that you use is legally obtained. It will make your tea taste even better. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, brew a pot now!

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