A Parental Guide About Autism and CBD Treatment

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CBD products, namely CBD oil, are relishing all the fame revolving around them owing to cannabidiol health advantages. It is effective against a massive number of health conditions, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Autism is a neurological disorder or a group of disabilities that impact social, communication, behavioral development. However, is CBD oil an effective cure for children?

ASD – Damaging Social Skills & Development

It is characterized by a broad range of disabilities, including repetitive behavior, speech, nonverbal communication, etc. Several kids with ASD cannot interact easily with others, while others show unusual behavioral patterns like ritualistic motions and range from mild to severe.

Doctors have yet to determine the cause of autism; however, the environmental and genetic elements have a great part in it.

There is no particular treatment for autism, but several interventions – speech and occupational therapies – can alleviate the intensity of its symptoms.

The Advent of CBD

CBD is a natural compound sourced from the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is creating both positive impacts and controversies around it. CBD oil is prepared without the inclusion of a large amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

THC is known for causing a mind-altering effect, but its insignificant amount in CBD can’t get you high. That is why it is broadly available in dispensaries and stores nationwide. It is available in various forms, namely liquid, cream, gel, soft gels, vape cartridges, chocolate, gummies, and so on.

CBD oil has extended positive effects to enhance overall wellbeing. It caters to both physical and mental health conditions like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), chronic pain, insomnia, gastrointestinal disease, cancer, and several others.

Autism and CBD
A study was conducted in 2018 that stated that CBD oil lessened ASD-induced behavioral, communication, and anxiety issues.

Following such findings, many parents started giving CBD to their kids. They stated that CBD helps controlling emotions, encouraging better sleep, and regulating ASD symptoms.

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The Drawbacks of CBD

CBD is not without downsides like other medical breakthroughs. There is no sufficient data available on how to use CBD for behavioral ailments, especially in children. That is why many experts suggest knowing about CBD before stocking yourself up.

Parents are tasked with fixing everything in children’s lives. When your kids are diagnosed with a developmental disease like autism, your effort to cure it intensifies.

We can see that CBD oil is quite tempting in treating ASD, but it does not have an evidence base. The FDA has not authorized CBD for it, except for two types of epilepsies.

A few more problems revolving around ASD treatment:

  • Doctors are not certain about its safety and no clinical trial has assessed its impact on autism. It is yet to ascertain how our body absorbs CBD.
  • You never know the exact amount of CBD in the oil and ingredients concentration may vary in each batch.
  • Not every state carries out tests on CBD products and unchecked ones could have THC or other unknown substances.
  • There is a chance that CBD might react with other drugs. That is why it is advisable to check with your doctor before consuming CBD.
  • You might also experience dry mouth and drowsiness after consuming CBD.
  • You also have to be mindful of its legal status. Some states allow CBD consumption if it is sourced from hemp. A few states prohibit its consumption, except in some cases it is permitted. So, check the legal status of your states before using CBD.

Benefits and Uses of bio CBD Oil

Is CBD Really Effective for ASD?

We have already seen that CBD only has traces of THC, and 0.3 percent of it is federally regulated. Your kid will not get high with it.

Its effect on anxiety with autism is twofold. It was seen that a few children with autism consumed CBD and experienced decreased stress, aggression, erratic behavior, and difficulty in social interactions.

Furthermore, CBD oil is quite beneficial for kids with co-occurring seizures. Each kid will experience it differently.

In states where medical marijuana is outlawed, people are informing about the fruitful impacts of CBD on epilepsy and autism. It is the safest option because it is natural and does not give you a euphoric lift.

The End

In this article, we can clearly observe that considering CBD to treat autism could be groundbreaking, but it is all available on the anecdotal evidence pieces.

It would be better to consult a doctor before giving your children CBD on your account. Whenever you purchase a CBD item, it would be advantageous to determine how much THC it contains. You have to be careful when it is about giving CBD to a child.

We hope that you benefited from our article and it could help you treat ASD better.

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