Prepackaged Weed: Cannabis Dispensary Do’s & Don’ts

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Each dispensary has their own ways selling cannabis but the most favored way of selling the goods is to weigh it out in front of a customer as the transaction is taking place, meanwhile, others still sell it prepackaged.

One factor dispensary staffs consider is convenience.

Popular dispensaries like the Green Solution think that it’s a waste of time and loss of sale in the long run when they do pot packaging on the spot.

They argue that with prepackaged marijuana, budtenders can service a lot more customers in a shorter period of time. The line of waiting customers always grows quickly so having prepackaged cannabis products is very effective and efficient for their business.

Another reason for prepackaging marijuana is the portion control which is important for the seller.

Every fraction of a gram is counted because of a seed-to-sale tracking system. The amount of marijuana sold is also accounted every time because the business might be accused of having back-door sales and worst could lose their license and portion control helps this kind of risk.

The last factor they stated was their businesses must meet the product label regulations.

Many dispensaries like prepackaged marijuana products to comply with this factor.

The state of Colorado announced that in an effort to meet the regulations, “all marijuana must be sold in child-resistant, opaque, resealable packaging and it must be labeled properly including warnings, ingredients, storage requirements, serving sizes and expirations dates.”

On the contrary, many people do not actually like prepackaged pot. Many cannabis users said that they felt prepackaged marijuana restricts them to monitor their purchase amount.

In addition, the quality of the product being sold is not guaranteed to the customers.

Questions about how long the prepackaged cannabis has been on the shelves of the store or whether the product is maintained will come up.

Aside from that, the quality of the product is unknown to the customer. Watching the budtender first-hand package the bud gives the customer the assurance that the product they are getting is what they actually ordered.

Other than having the assurance of getting the product that they want, there is also a certain level of comfortability when buying in dispensaries that deals with the customers’ needs.

Customers often feel more comfortable and confident in places that take the time and effort to really get to know what they need. Buyers who see that the products handed out to them are hand-picked will more likely come back for another purchase.

This one-on-one attention given by budtenders really help a customer’s satisfaction, a customer’s sense of security when buying the product especially when they only occasionally visit these kinds of places and even back alley deals.

Business owners may think that the prepackaged style of selling pot is an easy solution to have more customers, rather, it can actually be a dilemma in the long run because it can hamper a customer’s satisfaction with the business.

A better process to be considered is displaying the bud to be bought and weigh it in front of the customer. In this way, customers will be immediately confident in knowing that they got the product they wanted.

Some may still choose the prepackaged way of getting their cannabis buds, while others might be even contented with buying marijuana from the vending machines, but most of the time, most people will also want to go to the dispensaries and actually take time in choosing, weighing, and being educated about cannabis products they want.



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