The Best Products Available at Marijuana Stores

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For many decades now, marijuana enthusiasts have been fighting tooth and nail to decriminalize the use and sale of marijuana.

With the tagline “Legalize it” that seems to have been part of the western lexicon for decades, many territories are now starting the process of legalizing marijuana.

First decriminalizing it and allowing for its sale and use in a variety of shops set up on location, which can be visited in person or via the Internet.

Some places will require a doctor to sign off on marijuana for use by prescription only, while others do not require such before you can purchase. Just make sure you understand the laws before you buy them.

Though speaking of buying from marijuana stores, what sorts of goods do they actually offer? Television portrays these places as tiny shops with colourful, crystallized buds in cases and bongs on shelves strewn across the walls.

But the reality of a weed shop is something much more expansive, especially if you’re shopping online and ordering things to be delivered.

Here are six of the best products that you can pick up at your local weed store.

Top 6 Products Sold at Marijuana Shops

1: Good Weed!

Of course, we cannot lead off here without mentioning the actual weed that’s sold there. There’s nothing quite like the buds you can pick up from one of these marijuana shops, a lot of which have been grown hydroponically and have extremely high THC levels.

You can find multiple strains of both popular indica and sativa varieties. You can also find varieties that can help relieve stress and anxiety, that increase appetite, that deal well with pain, or even pot that will put you to sleep if you suffer insomnia.

This isn’t a street corner drug; weed from professional shops has been professionally grown and tested. And you can pick up a strain for practically anything you need.

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2: Edibles

The great thing about THC is that it doesn’t matter how it enters your system. If you want to feel its effects, you don’t have to smoke a bowl. You can enjoy a wide range of edibles, which are foodstuffs made with marijuana inside.

Marijuana stores typically carry a wide assortment of edibles. You can find brownies, cookies, and even things like lollipops and Rice Krispy treats.

One very cool thing about consuming edibles is that the high comes on slowly, builds up over time, and lasts a lot longer than smoking. It’s a much more relaxing experience that many enthusiasts truly enjoy.

3: Pre-Rolls

Picking up pre-rolls is all about saving time. It’s purely a matter of convenience. There’s nothing that stands out as spectacular about pre-rolls; however, they are one of the best things you can pick up if you enjoy smoking joints.

Another cool thing is that many stores out there also sell pre-rolled blunts if you like that pungent tobacco-like flavour in a slow-burning, thicker roll that gives you a much stronger high because it uses more marijuana.

You can find pre-rolls in a variety of strains of either indica or sativa. You can likely custom order the type of strain you want and have the shop roll it up for you. So there’s an awful lot of convenience there.

The rolls are skillfully done to burn a long time and evenly, without all of those runs associated with loose or asymmetrical rolls.

4: Concentrates

Marijuana concentrates are for the professional stoners out there who really want a powerful, long-lasting high.

These products are not for people who like to use weed occasionally. The resin and trichomes and other aspects of a marijuana plant are separated and concentrated down, making for a very powerful, concentrated form.

For instance, while a very potent sativa plant might have around 25% THC at best, concentrates can reach up to around 90% pure THC, 80% on the low end.

Needless to say, a little bit goes a very long way here. Concentrates are used in edibles (which is why they’re so potent) and also different oils.

They’re also why vaporizers, which are next on the list, are so popular in certain circles today.

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5: Vaporizers

Vaporizers are all the rage now among people who smoke all manner of things. They’re huge in smoker circles for people who enjoy cigarettes.

Even some cigar and pipe smokers have taken to picking up vaporizers and modifying them to give them a bigger boost of flavour and nicotine.

In the marijuana world, vaporizers can perform the same tricks and give someone a customized high. It also eliminates those sticky, stinky fingers, the potent smell, and other nasty effects that people used to deal with when they smoked joints, blunts, bongs and bowls.

With a vaporizer, you can also really spice things up by adding some true flavour to your weed. Not just in a metaphorical sense, but a literal one, with flavoured concoctions that taste great while getting you as stoned as you desire.

6: Topicals

People noticed many centuries before marijuana shops came around that marijuana and the body had sort of a natural, symbiotic relationship.

Prudish politicians and pundits against pot long called that wishful thinking; just those stinking hippies trying to mainstream their drug, right?

Well, science has found out recently that our bodies have an endogenous cannabinoid system, which shares a whole lot chemically in common with cannabis, which is the entire genus of plants we call weed, pot, dank, chronic, etc.

It really is amazing stuff. Topicals are gels, lotions and oils used by infusing cannabis concentrate, and they’re great for all manner of things, such as pain relief and inflammation.

The science on all of this is still relatively brand new. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t want to get high per se but would still like to try some sort of alternative to dangerous opioids and other drugs for pain relief, then marijuana topicals might just work for you.

There is a whole lot of stuff that you can find at your local weed store. It goes far, far beyond just some pretty buds kept behind the glass that catches your eye.

These six above are just a few of the many different products you can find at a quality store.

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