How Quarantine Has Helped People Refocus on Holistic Health

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With so many people out of work and effectively isolated in their homes, quarantine has created an opportunity for some individuals to refocus on holistic health.

They may have heard it discussed among friends and finally have time to find out more. Perhaps holistic health is already integrated into their lives, and now they can add even more elements to their daily routine.

Whatever your stage of interest in holistic health, discover why exactly interest is growing and where it can lead you.

Focusing On Yourself

Instead of worrying about the success of your job or your relationship with others, you are now more isolated and focused on yourself and your personal problems. Turning to look internally could be showing you what personal struggles you haven’t yet faced.

For some, the solution to their issues is to engage in therapy over a Zoom session, while others feel that meditation, workouts, or medications can help them cope.

There are more options than you know, including experimenting with CBD and THC oils.

Who Can Use CBD & THC?

Who can benefit from using these products? Anyone from cancer patients to chronic anxiety sufferers can find solace in cannabis products.

If you think these products can help you, your family, or even your pets, it’s time to schedule a video call with your doctor to discuss options.

Cannabis for Stress - CBD and meditation

More Time for Meditation

Many people struggle to find time to meditate, but time isn’t scarce during the quarantine. Whether you prefer early morning or late evening meditation, quarantine allows you to explore meditation in a new way.

You might also find that even though you have a few minutes to spare each day for meditation, something isn’t quite working for you.

There are a few other approaches to consider here. Some people do better with movement meditation, while others consider blending cannabis into their holistic lifestyle the best way to focus on meditating.

Finding a CBD or THC product that works to calm anxiety and hyper-imagination could be the perfect solution to your meditation woes.

Taking a dose right before you start your yoga or meditation practice is useful in magnifying its benefits and ensuring you feel connected to yourself, to the universe, and to others — even if you can’t leave the house.

Opportunities to Cook at Home

A major element of holistic health is knowing exactly what you’re putting into your body. With quarantine, you no longer have as many dining options and opportunities to eat out as you once had and can now focus on cooking for yourself.

Find and experiment with healthy recipes that follow holistic practices and use natural ingredients. Even if you do indulge in something a little sweeter — like a chocolate ganache or cupcake recipe — you’re in charge of every ingredient and component that’s going into your body.

Cook more at home and avoid all those hidden toxic ingredients and preservatives that sneak their way into your food when you eat out.

Some of the best foods to use in your home cooking include organic, locally grown whole foods that are unprocessed and unrefined.

Picking Up New Hobbies

Being stuck in quarantine means you have more time and mental headspace to pick up new hobbies and explore new interests.

Practicing mindfulness more clearly shows you what actually makes you happy and improves your life. Take the opportunity to truly live in the moment as you discover the hobbies that bring you joy.

Have you discovered an unexpected love for gardening? Maybe you’ve turned out to be a fantastic knitter or quilter.

Whatever it is you do, throw yourself into it and commit fully to live more holistically.

Focus on Chronic Conditions

As the world becomes more toxic, with pollution and stress affecting our daily lives more than ever, more and more people are forced to live with chronic conditions.

How do you manage these conditions without resorting to living a medicated life that denies you a sense of control? Use this quarantine time to focus on chronic health conditions and integrate an effective holistic approach.

With hypertension and heart disease on the rise, a holistic approach could be the best way to turn your life around and rediscover your health.

If you live in a state where CBD is legal, you can also delve into the benefits of using this natural plant to manage your conditions.

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Re-Evaluate The Work/Life Balance

While some people aren’t working at all, others have learned that they can perform all elements of their job from home without any problems.

This revelation has caused many to reconsider their previous work/life balance and re-evaluate the benefits of focusing more on themselves than on their job.

With the ability to work from home, commute time is reduced to zero, and you can spend so much more of your energy and mental capacity on building relationships and enjoying hobbies — both things that are integral to a holistic lifestyle.

Hopefully, this telecommuter lifestyle continues beyond the bounds of quarantine to allow people more space to relax and breathe in their daily lives.

Quarantine & Holistic Health

You might have been chomping at the bit to get outside since quarantine has started, but perhaps the resurgence of holistic health has caused you to reconsider the benefits of focusing on yourself.

Take a look at your quarantine lifestyle and decide whether you can integrate more holistic strategies into your routine today.

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