5 Safe Ways to Consume Cannabis

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There exists now in our modern age of cannabis legalization a plethora of available options to consume and utilize the cannabis flower and all of the healing benefits that come with it.

These methods are incredible as they allow for a whole lot of personalization in your cannabis consumption experience. But for new consumers and for those who are used to just smoking, they can be a little tricky to navigate and fully understand.

The cool thing here that is important to note that all forms of consuming cannabis are completely and entirely safe, some are just a little safer than others and some allow for more precise dosages or for targeting certain ailments.

Because of the vast array and unique characteristics contained within each method, we are going to go over the 5 keystone methods to safely consume cannabis of which include:

  • Smoking through combustion
  • Vaporization
  • Edibles
  • Tinctures
  • Topicals

Smoking Through Combustion

The reason I add ‘through combustion’ here is that the act of smoking can be any means of which the cannabis flower is burned and combusted by flame. When smoking cannabis, the effects are pretty immediate and can last anywhere from 2-4 hours.

Smoking marijuana is entirely safe, as proven through multiple studies such as this one that actually indicates casual smokers of cannabis have even stronger lungs than non-smokers!

So regardless of how you choose to smoke, know that it is safe for you and that the other benefits derived from cannabis will benefit you in a number of other ways.

That being said, there are certain methods of smoking that will help to filter or ‘clean’ the smoke before you inhale to provide you with the epitome of safety in your smoke sessions.

Cannabis Bongs – The Safest Way to Smoke Through Combustion

Of all the forms of smoking cannabis, bongs are surely the cleanest and safest. With some companies, you can even build your own bong and personalize it as you wish.

The reason being is that a bong is a form of pipe (some small, some huge) that incorporates the use of bubbling water to filter out the smoke before it is inhaled. This is different from your average pipe or bowl for many reasons.

The interior of bowls become dirty extremely quickly. This creates harsher and dirtier smoke as it passes through the stem of the bowl, and as well they tend to be a pretty hard ‘direct’ hit.

Because there is water involved in a bong, not only will this directly clean the smoke, it will also require a longer stem that will soften your hits.

Some bongs even feature ‘ice catchers’ that allow you to place a piece of ice within the straight tube to further cool down the smoke and create an easy smoking experience.

But trust me, aside from just being clean and safe, bongs are extremely effective at delivering THC. So if you’re new to smoking take it slow and easy as you figure out how many/how intense of a hit is right for you!

Cannabis Vaporization

Cannabis vaporization has specifically gained popularity in the past couple of years. This is because vaporizers can now be so small they fit in your pocket. Additionally, they offer an extremely effective way of delivering you the benefits of cannabinoids that is easy, discreet, transportable, and most of all SAFE!

The reason vaporizing weed is considered to be so safe is because you technically are not burning any of the flower itself. Thus you are not inhaling any of the chemicals that occur as a result of combustion with flame.

Instead, vaporizing weed uses temperature to heat the flower just below the point of combustion. It then results in a clean vapor full of THC that is mellow on the lungs and free of any combustion chemicals.

Vaporizing weed is also known to be more effective than smoking in terms of cannabinoid delivery. This is because when smoking, some of the cannabinoids are actually burnt away. So if you are looking to get the most out of your flower, vaporizing might be the best and safest way to consume it.

Cannabis Edibles

Another popular delivery method to consume cannabis is edibles that provide you with the healing cannabinoids through consumption and metabolization of the product.

The product, in most cases, will be a concentrated form of THC (usually cannabutter or hash oil) that has been intertwined into an edible food such as a brownie. Consuming edibles is safe as can be because there is no smoking involved at all and your lungs are not receiving any form of smoke or vapor.

It is important to note that people react to edibles very differently, and they take a long time to kick in. So the only unsafe thing about them would be accidentally eating too much. That being said, however, edibles are usually clearly labeled according to their dosage.

Read up on an article like this one to learn a little more about exactly how much should work for you best to reach perfection in your edible experience.

Cannabis Tinctures

Tinctures are very similar to edibles, but with a tincture, the cannabinoids are extracted into a liquid form. The liquid is placed into your mouth using a droplet that will then be absorbed through the mucus membranes in your mouth. Whereas edibles are absorbed more through the stomach and liver.

Tinctures are extremely safe as well because there is absolutely no smoking involved and thus your lungs are safe. Tinctures are very clearly dosed (usually 10mg per entire dropper) so that you can easily figure out the amount that works best for you.

They kick in just a little faster than edibles, so again start slow and work your way up as this is always the safest method!

Cannabis topical

Cannabis Topicals

A topical, by definition, is anything that is applied directly to the body. So when cannabis is infused to topical lotions and salves, you are indeed receiving the cannabinoids directly through your skin.

Generally, topicals are not very high powered in terms of getting you ‘high’ and instead aim to help with a lot of inflammatory, skin, and muscle issues.

The reason topicals are so safe is because you won’t find yourself wishing you took less. If anything they are one of the most definitive methods for providing all the other healing benefits of cannabis without the large amounts of THC. Again, you also aren’t smoking so it is completely safe on your lungs.

A newfound topical that people love is a ‘patch’; a slow-release method in providing you with very small amounts of THC or CBD throughout a 2-3 day window.

Topicals are gaining popularity in the medical field as well as regular consumers appreciating the unique ways in which we can now absorb cannabinoids to heal our bodies.

Which is your favourite way to consume cannabis? Let us know in the comments below!

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