Say Your High-Do’s With A Cannabis Wedding Theme

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We can’t believe that this is an actual thing! Cannabis weddings aren’t your usual expected festivities, they graciously incorporate the bud, we all know and love into the celebration.

With medical marijuana now legal in more than 50% of the US, and with continuing legalization efforts looking to remove its Schedule 1 status, wedding planners have been more open to integrating this beautiful bud to what they’re already good at doing — planning weddings.

The planners are revolutionizing the movement by collaborating with their local weed vendors and dispensaries to bring the herb into one of the most important milestones in a stoner’s life… Their wedding!

How exactly do these wedding planners put together a cannabis-themed wedding? Well, here are some of the inner workings and highlights you can contextually get high off of, while also getting high on love:

Couple in love - Cannabis Wedding

1. Hemp Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress designers like Tara Lynn and Adele Wechsler take to their craft on the humanitarian level by creating bridal gowns made entirely out of organic materials. Using natural fibers such as silk and hemp, every creation is made-to-order for the bride looking for the rustic, boho look.

Simple and elegant, the designers aim to eliminate the extravagance in the creative process of designing a gown, and at the same time, look to more sustainable, green and beautiful fashion trends.

2. Bud Bouquets

Which you can literally smoke! The owner of Buds & Blossoms, Bec Koop envisioned the idea while doubling as a florist and working at a medical marijuana dispensary in 2013.

After experimenting with traditional flower arrangements and marijuana blossoms, the bud bouquets were born.

She merges client-bought product with conventional flora, and the results are stylish, enchanting and Instagram-worthy pieces any Pinterest nut would go crazy for. Other cannabis-themed wedding planners are picking up as well with their own whimsical creations.

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3. Weed Bar with Budtender

And probably the greatest highlight at any cannabis-themed wedding would be the famous cannabar. Equipped with a budtender, quaint little counters are starting to pop up in private events, supplied with a wide selection of jars full of notable marijuana strains and laid out on a white table to consume with licensed supervision.

Proper dosages are administered to wedding guests, and with their consent. They have the choice to smoke or vape the herb or have it served as delectable edibles and infused refreshments.

The concept was fashioned to encourage the idea that marijuana can be consumed at high-end occasions, in a responsible and safe manner.

4. Giveaways

Still on the munchies? Why limit yourself to the cannabar?

Love and Marij even has takeaways to let your guests continue the party at the after-party and all the way home. You can take these canna-goody bags, ideally stocked with a neat amount of single-served edibles home to enjoy the rest of the post-wedding high.

Despite cannabis-themed weddings being all the craze, it still meets mixed opinions. Conservatives, more often than not, would prefer to celebrate weddings wholesomely.

While on the other hand, the weed wedding market is also unassuming and is not something wildly promoted even in legal states, as most of its members prefer this to be as low-key as possible.

Cannabis Wedding

On a positive note, cannabis-themed weddings also act into the progressive movement to eradicate the stigma of medical marijuana in families, educating and expanding the reach of proper dosage and intake.

The open and legal practice of consuming cannabis at such events may as well be the hippest way to communicate the ever-growing marijuana movement, especially to your most intimate relations.

If you do decide to seal the deal with a cannabis wedding, you will be walked through the essentials by your cannabis wedding planner.

From the preliminary measurements to the requirements and overall wedding involvement, budtenders have got you covered. You can mix and match services and packages, depending on the availability.

Another factor to consider in planning your nuptial is the venue, as it is highly encouraged to book your wedding in a state that has regulated recreational marijuana use to avoid legal constraints.

cannabis wedding

It certainly is an unconventional way of celebrating a joyous milestone, but nothing quite beats seeing your closest friends and family on a gentle buzz, enjoying a celebratory toke.

Would you like the idea of a cannabis-themed wedding? Or have you done it already?

Share your thoughts and experience with our community.

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