How to Set Up a Medical Cannabis Grow Room

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There are a variety of reasons that someone may be looking to start growing medicinal cannabis. From personal use to professional vendors, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing it right.

So, if you’re wanting to start your own medicinal cannabis grow room we have a few tips for setting it up.

Choosing a Grow Tent

The first thing you should do is find a grow tent that suits your needs. The grow tent will serve as the “home base” of your grow room, where all of your plants will reside at some point or another. When choosing a grow tent, make sure it’s appropriately sized for however many plants you plan to have.

Additionally, if multiple people are growing in your area (which isn’t uncommon), make sure there is enough space between each plant to allow them to receive plenty of light and air without compromising other plants’ health. Haste makes waste and it’s always better to err on the side of caution in planning a potential grow room setup.

Preparing Your Grow Room

After finding the perfect-sized grow tent(s) for your future cannabis plants, make sure you clean them before use. This is to prevent the growth of fungus and other bacteria inside the tent.

Make sure you allow ample time for them to dry completely before putting your plants inside the tents. A compromised tent is very bad for the plants so be sure you’re thorough!

It’s also important to have an appropriate amount of ventilation in your grow room(s). If there is too little ventilation, you run the risk of mold developing on your plants. If there is too much ventilation, it may be harder for your plants to receive enough carbon dioxide, which they need to grow healthy.

The grow room setup and design will depend on the ventilation needs of the plants and the type of grow lights you plan to use.

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Setting Up Your Grow Light(s)

When it comes to growing medical cannabis, you need ample lighting for each plant. This means you’ll need several separate lighting systems! If your grow room is only large enough for one small tent, or just a few plants at a time, that’s perfectly fine. Just make sure to set up as much lighting as possible in such a confined space.

When setting up your grow light(s), use metal fixtures specifically designed for the lighting you’re using. HID lights should have a ballast, and LED lights should have drivers. Metal reflectors are also good to use, but they aren’t an absolute necessity.

Make sure your plants are around 2-3 feet away from the lighting system while it’s on—the further away they are, the less heat damage will occur. Finding the optimal distance between the lights and the plants is a key point to consider, in some cases, some experimenting might be needed in order to maximize the health of the plants.

Your plants need alternating 12-hour cycles of light and darkness every day. Additionally, the more leaves per plant you have, the more light each leaf needs to photosynthesize properly.

It is also advisable to use fans to route the air pattern inside the tent to an optimal speed and direction, ensuring that all the plants receive plenty of fresh air and are best able to thrive.

Finishing Touches

There is only one last thing you need to do before you’re ready to start your own grow room; fill it with plants! Before adding the plants, make sure everything is set up properly. This means checking that fans are running at the proper speed, lights are at their optimal height, and the water level has been tested (if using hydroponics).

And don’t forget to make any temperature adjustments needed! Growing successfully takes trial and error, but it doesn’t have to be difficult with the right amount of planning, time, and dedication.

If you are ready to start growing your medical cannabis at home, congratulations and good luck! Growing healthy and happy plants is a rewarding process that can continue for many years to come!

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