Slow Cannabis Smoking with Brass Pipes

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the term self-care has taken on a new and more conscious direction. Consider that during this period, alcohol consumption rose at alarming rates, and many cannabis consumers found themselves analyzing their consumption, too.

At a time when many have gone through so much, intentionality, mindfulness and slow living have become solutions to manage the collective trauma. Not surprisingly, many in the cannabis community have adjusted to reflect that same shift in consciousness.

For those looking not to tarnish their love affair with cannabis, a slow smoke has become an answer, with metals such as brass as the main ingredient.

Why Brass?

Beyond the look and quality of brass, this metal offers something many others don’t: safety. Brass pipes are entirely safe to heat and store.

Furthermore, medical-grade brass is one of the safest metal options available for crafting smoking pipes as it is heat-resistant and non-toxic. That means it won’t leach out harmful chemicals like aluminum pipes.

In fact, in France, brass was used to create a healthy alternative for smokers. The innovative pseudopipe, Le Sifflu, uses essential oils to recreate an experience that many doctors see as a healthier option, due to the brass and the way it’s used.

Also, we can’t forget to mention that high-quality brass will safely stand the test of time while maintaining its vivid shine.

Benefits of Brass Pipes

Brass is a prized material, used in pipes (such as the Proto pipe) for its durability, shine, and ability to provide a luxuriously slow smoke.

Beyond its superior health stance, the fact that brass is an alloy makes it more resistant to wear and tear than precious metals like silver or gold. Of course, the non-toxic nature of brass will ensure that you are always enjoying your cannabis safely and securely.

Slow cannabis smoking with brass pipes

However, one of the more significant pros of these brass pipes is the fact they can literally take what life throws at them. After all, there is so much peace of mind knowing that you can purchase a pipe that will last for years without breaking.

There’s nothing more disappointing than investing money in what should be a quality accessory to have it eventually crack or shatter.

Choosing Non-Toxic Brass

Ensuring that your brass is non-toxic requires a bit of knowledge. Pure brass is a common iteration of this metal, and the easiest way to tell that brass is pure is by patina.

The blue-green colour of the patina is nothing to worry about, as pure brass that regularly comes in contact with oxygen will change colour. Should you see brass with patina on it, you can be sure that it’s pure and non-toxic.

However, this metal is also commonly plated to make it food safe, which also means that there’s no reason for concern when using plated brass. For instance, chrome-plated brass allows brass pipes to stay stunning and brilliant for as long as possible.

Additionally, with chrome-plated brass, these pipes can remain scratch-free and will be more resistant to tarnish.

The Magic Behind A Slow Smoke

Given what the world’s recently been through, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your smoking gear will end up hurting you. That’s why pure and plated brass are ideal because they provide a sweet serenity that everyone could use at the moment.

Plus, the conduction rate of this metal is much lower meaning that your cannabis will burn slower, so you can enjoy it longer. So, sit back, relax, load up your brass pipe and enjoy a slow smoke (and the terpene profiles) that these beauties offer.

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