The Stages of Cannabis Flower Growth

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Before legalization in certain places, you may have heard of folks who grew marijuana from their homes. At first impression, it may seem easy if you can do it from your house. However, ensuring a cannabis flower came to fruition wasn’t always easy at the time. 

There are various stages of development for a cannabis flower. Certain conditions must be met to reach maturity and be viable for harvesting. 

Check out how these distinct growth stages help create a cannabis flower!  

Stage #1 – Germination 

It all starts with a small but hard and dry brown seed. The germination stage typically starts by inducing the process by putting the seeds in a damp cloth until sprouts appear. From there, it’s transferred into the soil, where it can take root by growing downwards while the stem grows upwards. Yet, it won’t be possible without certain conditions in place. When the seeds are planted, they must receive approximately 16 hours of light daily during this stage. 

In addition, they require temperatures to be warm and humid. This detail can be equated to the fact that cannabis naturally grows in climates like its native origins in Central and South Asia. In which case, to emulate that temperature, it must be between 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 26 °C). This stage normally takes around 3-10 days, eventually leading to rounded leave to appear and usher in the next development stage. 

Stage #2 – Seedling

Cannabis will need specific light conditions upon entering the seedling stage, which lasts for two to three weeks. Not only will the seedling require 18 hours of the day inside, but it will also need full, direct sunlight for six hours a day from outside. In addition, being mindful of how much water is given is imperative. During this time, the seedlings’ roots are still small, and overwatering can make them susceptible to mold or disease. 

However, if conditions are met without issue, you can expect a healthy seedling to have a vibrant green colour. Furthermore, it should lead to the development of more leaves. Depending on the number of blades on the leaves, it can indicate that it’s starting to develop into the next stage of growth. 

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Stage #3 – Vegetative

The vegetative stage is where it’s the longest, lasting between 3-16 weeks. When it’s developing in this stage, the amount of lighting will change with now needing 18 hours a day indoors and full, direct sun 6 hours a day outside. 

This stage ushers in a lot of growth in your cannabis plant as it will need to transplant into a bigger pot to make room for its rapidly growing roots. Since it’s growing a lot at this point, this is where it will need a lot more water because of its increasing roots. Furthermore, healthy soil with nutrients with high nitrogen levels will help a lot. 

Also, during this stage, the sex of the cannabis plant is apparent. It’s no problem if it’s just one plant, but growing multiple can be a problem if there are males and females. It risks the possibility of males pollinating the females, which means the males get discarded or separated. 

Stage #4 – Flowering 

Finally, the last stage is known as flowering. It can last up to 8-11 weeks, and it will need 12 hours of sunlight daily. The best temperature at this point should be around 68 degrees Fahrenheit (21°C) with a relative humidity of 50%. Furthermore, adding more essential nutrients during this time, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, will promote healthy growth.

During this time, there are smaller phases within this stage that cannabis will go through. Initially, it will be the formation of buds. Eventually, they will get big enough to stop growing between the fourth and fifth weeks. It should get closer to becoming mature once it comes sticky while also releasing a smell. 

There is a lot that goes into the growth and harvesting of cannabis. Its various stages are unique in what they require to elicit healthy growth and continue development. From all the conditions necessary to meet maturity, it’s no wonder it takes a lot of care and expertise that makes it possible to enjoy. 

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