How to Safely Take Alcohol with Cannabis

alcohol with cannabis

There are many reasons why you should be aware of the effects of combining alcohol and cannabis, including short and long-term effects of what is commonly known as “crossfading.” When you are considering mixing alcohol with cannabis you should be aware that the effects of the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, THC is increased when you […]

5 Reasons Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol

Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol

Marijuana is losing the stigmatic fog that previously surrounded it. This plant is more accepted than ever. It is legalized for medical and recreational use in scattered areas around the globe. Many people state that marijuana is safer than alcohol. It’s true that cannabis hosts a plethora of benefits for individuals and their communities. If […]

More Youth Choose Cannabis Over Alcohol and Cigarette as their First Drug

Youth Choose Cannabis Over Alcohol and Cigarette

An increasing number of young Americans are choosing cannabis over alcoholic drinks or cigarettes as their first drug of choice. A new research published in the Prevention Science journal reported the shift in the American youth’s preference. 275,000 young individuals all over the U.S. aged between 12 to 21 were examined and surveyed by the […]

Marijuana Sales Overtake Alcohol for the First Time

Most people are aware of the huge difference in effects on our health between Cannabis and Alcohol

It has been three years since Colorado became the first US state to legalize the use of cannabis for adults. And three years was all it took for the marijuana to surpass the sales of alcoholic beverages in a city in Colorado. Once a silver-mining town, now a luxury ski resort destination, the town of Aspen reported […]

Alcoholics Who Use Cannabis Regularly are Healthier

cannabis is good for alcoholics

Twenty-nine states all over the U.S. now acknowledges that marijuana has a lot of benefits and has paved the way to a more marijuana open nation through cannabis legalization. There is a laundry list of the beneficial and therapeutic ways medical cannabis can to treat nausea, pain, and more. But apparently, medical marijuana is beneficial […]