Anti-Cannabis Legalization in the White House Committee is Starting to Flourish

Trump’s administration is at it again and this time they are heading towards delaying the legalization of cannabis in the United States at a federal level. The federal prohibition on cannabis is getting stronger by the day and it seems that no one can stop it. A special White House Committee is said to collect […]

Anti-Marijuana Group Wants Michigan to Legalize Cannabis

Anti-Marijuana Group Wants Michigan to Legalize Cannabis

An organization established to fight the decriminalization of cannabis had a sudden change of heart and decided that it will support the legalization of the adult use of the substance as long as the proposal is taken up and amended by the lawmakers. The Committee to Keep Pot Out of Neighborhoods and Schools is a […]

The Reefer Madness Marijuana Misinformation Propaganda Campaign in the 1930’s

Reefer Madness

Reefer Madness is an American misinformation propaganda film that utilised a relatively new technology at the time, motion picture to spread misinformation about cannabis. Watching the film should make even the most sceptical opponents of cannabis realize how ridiculous these anti cannabis lies get over time. As science is progressing and cannabis related medical discoveries […]