Investing in Canadian Cannabis 101

Since medical and recreational cannabis became legalized in Canada, publicly-traded cannabis companies with stocks — often referred to as pot stocks, or weed stocks, as a shorthand — have allowed everyday people to invest in the cannabis economy. For investors around the world — including countries like Australia, where medical and recreational cannabis legalization laws […]

Vacationing in Canada? Here’s What Australians Should Know About Cannabis

Toronto skyline - vacationing in Canada

When the 14-hour flight from Sydney to Vancouver lands at the airport, the mind of an Australian tourist in Canada may, inevitably, turn to one question: “Where, in this fine country, can I buy some weed?” One year into recreational legalization, a visit to Canada may seem like a more attractive way to spend your […]

How Has the Canadian Medical Cannabis Market Changed Since Legalization?

Canada's Cannabis Legalization

In August 2018, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) issued a statement: once recreational cannabis became legal on Oct. 17, Canada ought to scrap its medical cannabis system in favour of a single, one-size-fits-all market. The following month, the Canadian government tried to reassure more than 300,000 registered medical cannabis patients that their medicine wasn’t in […]

One Year In: 4 Effects Cannabis Legalization is Having on Canada

Cannabis Legalization Canada

As the first G7 nation to legalize cannabis, Canada has found itself in the world’s spotlight, with many looking on to see how national legalization — something that had never been attempted in a country as large as Canada — would go. Proponents of legalization made bold predictions about the explosion of the Canadian market, […]

How to Apply for Canadian Medical Cannabis Prescription

Medical Cannabis Prescription

Medical cannabis has gained popularity in the health sector. As much as it does not cure all ailments, it has been found to be effective in treating anxiety and depression, cancer, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and brain injuries, to mention a few. Ongoing research on medical cannabis promises to find more ways through which […]

Tips to Buying Cannabis from Online Dispensaries in Canada

cannabis buds - marijuana grinder

If you are Canadian, you know what October 17th, 2018 means to cannabis culture in Canada. That’s the day that recreational cannabis use became completely legalized and getting quality cannabis became a problem. Not everyone is excited about legalization; medicinal users are now having issues accessing medical quality cannabis due to shortages in supply which […]

Cannabis Legalization in Canada – Here is What You Need to Know

It has been over a month since Canada legalized weed on October 17, 2018. No doubt there has been some setbacks and kinks to work out. Apparently legalizing recreational cannabis has been a huge hit for Canadians and it definitely showed. Two days after legalization dispensaries all across the provinces literally ran out of pot. […]

Will Canada Pardon Minor Cannabis Convictions?

Canada's Cannabis Legalization

Canadians from all walks of life gathered together to create the Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty. It aims to influence the Canadian government to pardon individuals with records of minor marijuana possession charges. Canada is planning to legalize the adult use of cannabis later this year. Activists are saying that it is also about time to […]

Novartis Partners with Canadian Medical Marijuana Company Tilray

Big Pharma Enters Marijuana Industry - Novartis Partners with Tilray

Rumors have long been circulating in the medical community that big pharmaceutical companies are going to enter the medical cannabis industry soon. According to some experts, the only thing that is stopping them is that they are cautious and wary of the legal implications of entering the market. The speculation came to a conclusion when […]

Politics in Canada Delays Marijuana Legalization Plan

The Canadian cannabis enthusiast most likely won’t be able to make their legal adult use purchase on July 1 this year. Most Canadians thought the legalization of recreational marijuana would take effect on Canada’s 151st Birthday. Cannabis entrepreneurs and their patrons have to stand by a little bit longer as the anticipated date for legal […]