The Status of Canadian Marijuana Dispensaries in 2020

Canadian Marijuana Dispensaries

According to an industry article of spring 2020, Health Canada continued its review of cannabis licenses and security clearance applications throughout the COVID-19 quarantine. But for businesses awaiting their new dispensary license or security clearance, some delays are expected. Still, Canadian marijuana dispensaries continued operations despite quarantine, albeit under changed methods. The New Normal for […]

Investing in Canadian Cannabis 101

Since medical and recreational cannabis became legalized in Canada, publicly-traded cannabis companies with stocks — often referred to as pot stocks, or weed stocks, as a shorthand — have allowed everyday people to invest in the cannabis economy. For investors around the world — including countries like Australia, where medical and recreational cannabis legalization laws […]

What It’s Like Being a Canadian Cannabis Company Awaiting Legalization

Canada's Cannabis Legalization

Growing marijuana continues to be a controversial issue on an international level. Canada has recently taken a progressive and bold leap, officially legalizing marijuana for recreational use and growing as of Wednesday, October 17th, 2018. Depending on what province you live in the legislation will allow Canadians to grow up to four plants within the […]

Nova Scotia’s Business Community Preparing for Cannabis Legalization

Nova Scotia Businesses Preparing for Cannabis Legalization

A lot of people are now marking their calendars for October 17 when cannabis becomes completely legal in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement was met with mixed opinions and feelings in Canada’s business community. Tim Pellerin, the CEO and the senior vice-president of Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation or NSLC said that they cannot stop […]