Patanjali Ayurved: Cannabis Economy’s New Hope in India

Acharya Balkrishna, the CEO of the leading Ayurveda-based Indian product maker Patanjali Ayurved is considering to invest in cannabis research. Patanjali Ayurved will continue to study the medical and industrial features of the cannabis, Balkrishna told Quartz India, a publication that covers business, science, and the market. What is Ayurveda? More than a millennia ago, Indian […]

Legal Cannabis is Proven to Boost the Economy

Taxes from the cannabis industry has contributed significantly to the local economy according to a report by the Pueblo’s Institute of Cannabis Research from Colorado State University. A lot of researchers have come up with the conclusion that legalizing marijuana helps develop the economy in Pueblo County, Colorado. Taxes collected from cannabis reached more than […]

Is Australia Going to Miss Out on the Cannabis Pie?

Australia has a long history of utilising hemp and cannabis for a wide range of purposes, including medical and industrial uses. Australia also possesses a huge opportunity for hemp and cannabis production due to its favourable climate and big arable land masses. Canada is in a similar (although not as favourable position) as Australia and […]

Cannabis Behind the World’s Top Hedge Funds – 145% Growth

How Hemp Can Save the Planet

Cannabis stocks have contributed significantly to the 145% gain produced by a hedge fund, Tribeca Global Natural Resources Fund. 2016 wasn’t a particularly good year for hedge funds and Cannabis stocks helped Tribeca to rise to the top, among the 10,000 or so hedge funds that are tracked by Preqin, a New York-based data provider. […]

Canada Cannabis Business Skyrocketing to Billions

canada cannabis to billions

As impressive as the electoral victories for cannabis legalization in the U.S. have been, if not the expansion of California’s recreational market, America is actually behind its neighbour to the north on all fronts of market development. This is because next year, given all the political indications, marijuana will become legal for recreational users at […]

How the Global Economy will Change with the Legalization of Cannabis

Cannabis Global Economy Boom

Imagine a world where cannabis is legal and the stigma surrounding it was non-existent. What would the world be like today if cannabis was never banned in the 1930s, would it be a household plant? It is hard to picture this but with the legalization of cannabis taking place in various countries and states, it […]