Why You Want to Use Cannabutter in Your Dishes

use cannabutter

Cannabutter is one of the most popular cannabis products especially among those who love cannabis-infused cookies, brownies, cakes, soups, pastas and dishes or simply edibles. This product is a common kitchen ingredient to make cannabis edibles. But if you’re planning to make it yourself, you can check out the following for an easy recipe and […]

What is a Decarboxylater, And How Can You Use it to Make Edibles at Home

What is a Decarboxylater?

Plan on using cannabis in edibles? Outstanding! Edibles are a great way to enjoy your favorite herb and with a virtually endless number of recipes and preparations to choose from, there is no doubt something for literally everyone. Not so Fast there But before you go throwing in some dry herb or concentrate into your […]

Cannabis Decarboxylation – Everything You Need to Know

Cannabis Decarboxylation Is What You Need

Have you ever wondered why cannabis makes you high when you’re smoking it compared to ingesting it raw? This is due to the process called decarboxylation. But, what is decarboxylation and how is it done? And why is it so important to have your cannabis undergo decarboxylation? Here’s a complete guide to help you understand […]