The Latest Trends in Cannabis Delivery Services

Las Vegas as a capital of marijuana

It is now possible for one to buy legal marijuana in the United States and have it delivered to them. You can also visit a dispensary and buy your marijuana and use it for the purpose in which it is needed. However, this is quite a complicated subject and one needs to make sure that […]

Why You Should Be Using If You Live In L.A.

Since the Legalization of Cannabis in 2016 under Proposition 64 in Los Angeles, there has been high demand in the market for Marijuana. Whether it is for medicinal or recreational purposes, cannabis can be obtained legally through many licensed dispensaries and retail stores across the state. The newest trend in Cannabis retail is ultra-modern, reliable […]

Australian House Calls: Cannabis Delivery Service

After a long week in Sydney of only smelling a faint waft of cannabis in passing, I was disappointed not to have been able to enjoy any bud myself. That’s not to say that there isn’t plenty of weed in Sydney because there is, I just did not get lucky in acquiring any. I did, […]