Cannabis-infused Honey – CannaHoney – A Whole New World of Sweetness

Cannabis-infused Honey

Honey, in its own right, is a wonder substance. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it excellent for wound care, treating cough and boosting memory. However when infused with cannabis, it develops even more interesting properties. Canna-infused honey is also super easy to make. The Fusion To make it, you first have to […]

How Did We Start Cooking with Marijuana

cooking with marijuana

Salt, pepper, a couple of herbs… these are some of the usual suspects in anyone’s pantry. For those who are medicating with medical marijuana, a new staple could be the herb itself. For most people, Cannabis could only be infused in brownies and cookies – but with the culinary revolution going on full blast, making […]

Everything You Need to Know About Baking with Cannabis

baking with cannabis

Marijuana comes in many shapes and forms, but the most delicious one would definitely be Cannabis baked edibles. So perhaps, you would like to know more about baking with Cannabis, right?  While this way of consuming the herb or plant may be a novelty for some, other aficionados find delight in consuming it in this […]

Can You Overdose Cannabis Edibles?

cannabis edibles overdose

Overdosing on cannabis edibles has been the center of attention since early 2014. With a few tragic events (which we will discuss shortly) sending the media into a frenzy. With these events, it has left the world questioning the safety of cannabis edibles. On the flip side, the cannabis industry is rapidly growing in popularity… […]

The Wonderful World of Cannabis Edibles

cannabis edible-cannabis overdose

Cannabis edibles are one of the most popular ways of ingesting marijuana since not everyone likes to vape or light up a joint. People who choose cannabis edibles are usually those who would like to benefit from cannabis discretely or simply do not like smoking (to be upfront it’s not the healthiest way either). Cannabis […]

The Mother of All Edibles: Marijuana Brownies

marijuana brownies

There is no doubt that when it comes to all things edible in marijuana, marijuana brownies come first to mind. They are easy to make, the most accessible and simply delicious. Well, everybody, young and old just love brownies, right? For sweet- toothed cannabis connoisseurs, they get the best out of their two most favourite […]

Cannabis Chocolate

Cannabis Chocolate

With the blossoming cannabis-infused edibles (thanks to the growing marijuana legalization movement), new users are discovering ways to enjoy cannabis without smoking and even those who are curious get to try as well. Using cannabis provides no room for waste. In our quest to see how far our cannabis can go, we have come up […]

The Best Ways to Use Marijuana to Get the Most Out of it

Regardless where you live or if you buy or grow your own marijuana, by the end of the day it is not exactly cheap to access high quality medical grade cannabis. And when you do get your hands on it, you want to get the best use out of it and there are in fact […]