The Status of Canadian Marijuana Dispensaries in 2020

Canadian Marijuana Dispensaries

According to an industry article of spring 2020, Health Canada continued its review of cannabis licenses and security clearance applications throughout the COVID-19 quarantine. But for businesses awaiting their new dispensary license or security clearance, some delays are expected. Still, Canadian marijuana dispensaries continued operations despite quarantine, albeit under changed methods. The New Normal for […]

From the ACMPR to the Cannabis Act: A Complete History of Marijuana in Canada

Cannabis Legalization Canada

Now that recreational weed is legal, it’s normal to assume that Canadians have always been extremely liberal about cannabis. But as it turns out, Canada is just like the rest of the world and has had a somewhat rocky history when it comes to weed. In other words, it wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies for […]

How Has the Canadian Medical Cannabis Market Changed Since Legalization?

Canada's Cannabis Legalization

In August 2018, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) issued a statement: once recreational cannabis became legal on Oct. 17, Canada ought to scrap its medical cannabis system in favour of a single, one-size-fits-all market. The following month, the Canadian government tried to reassure more than 300,000 registered medical cannabis patients that their medicine wasn’t in […]

One Year In: 4 Effects Cannabis Legalization is Having on Canada

Cannabis Legalization Canada

As the first G7 nation to legalize cannabis, Canada has found itself in the world’s spotlight, with many looking on to see how national legalization — something that had never been attempted in a country as large as Canada — would go. Proponents of legalization made bold predictions about the explosion of the Canadian market, […]

Legalization of Cannabis Extracts Not Happening in Canada

Canada's Cannabis Legalization

This coming month of October, Canada will finally legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Recreational cannabis will be available through more than 200 private retailers’ across the province of Alberta and be curated to around 40 state-run shops in Ontario. Meanwhile, other provinces in the country would not allow cannabis dispensaries and residents from these […]

Some Canadian Universities Will Allow Cannabis on Campus

College is where some people experience a whole new world where they do things they haven’t done before. Freshmen would have their first taste of partying, probably joining organizations like fraternities and sororities, and perhaps their first time trying out cannabis. College is as an avenue for growth and development but this could also be […]

Trudeau Sets Canada’s Cannabis Legalization to October 17

Canada's Cannabis Legalization

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed that Canada would legalize the adult use of cannabis on October 17 this year. Trudeau said that this move should disrupt the market share of the organized crime groups that peddle cannabis in the black market and would also protect the youth. It was during the 2015 election when Trudeau […]

Canada and Uruguay’s Joint Effort to Advance Harm Reduction for Cannabis Consumers

Harm Reduction for Cannabis Consumers

The Secretary-General of the National Board of Drugs, Diego Olivera announced during an interview on Republica Radio that his office is working jointly with the Canadian Government to promote a risk management guide for cannabis consumers. “We have been working in conjunction with Canada and sharing different approaches to drug policies. We are writing up […]

Canadians Pay Less for Cannabis than Americans

Cost of Cannabis in USA vs Canada

Canadians are getting high off of cannabis at a much cheaper price compared to Americans. Last week, Priceonomics published a report that the price of marijuana is 30 percent cheaper in Canada than in some parts of the U.S. where several states have already legalized it. Priceonomics is a company based in San Francisco, CA […]

Politics in Canada Delays Marijuana Legalization Plan

The Canadian cannabis enthusiast most likely won’t be able to make their legal adult use purchase on July 1 this year. Most Canadians thought the legalization of recreational marijuana would take effect on Canada’s 151st Birthday. Cannabis entrepreneurs and their patrons have to stand by a little bit longer as the anticipated date for legal […]