India’s Growing Cannabis Market and Entrepreneurs

Patanjali Ayurved and Cannabis

Then twenty-year-old management graduates Nikunj Ahuja and Kunaal Kapoor from Mumbai were smoking cannabis in their room when they got a bright idea. Eight years later, that idea made these men CEOs of an e-commerce business that sells cannabis smoking paraphernalia. Both of them invested Rs 10,000 or approximately $148 each to print colorful roach […]

Bhang: India’s Centuries Old Cannabis Tradition Still Thriving Today

Bhang Drink

Cannabis is more entrenched into the Indian culture than you would think. In India, cannabis is most often consumed in the form of Bhang and it has no social stigma attached to it. Bhang is consumed throughout the year and everyone jumps in at the Hindu festival of Holi. The incredibly long history of cannabis […]