Uruguay Diverted $22 Million from the Black Market into its Regulated Cannabis Market

Uruguay Diverted $22 Million from the Black Market

The Government of Uruguay caused estimated losses to drug trafficking totaling 22 million dollars through the implementation of cannabis regulation in 2013, as reported by the state’s Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA). IRCCA’s fifth report on the state of affairs of the regulated market, released on November 30, 2018, states that “It’s […]

Uruguay Struggles to Keep Up with Demand for Legal Cannabis

Uruguay's Experiment Legalization

Cannabis went up for sale in Uruguay last year, making history by becoming the first country that completely legalized marijuana. The total legalization finally pushed through after a law that was passed in 2013. Despite the long wait for the retail sales to be widely available in the country, the industry soon became a large […]

Canada and Uruguay’s Joint Effort to Advance Harm Reduction for Cannabis Consumers

Harm Reduction for Cannabis Consumers

The Secretary-General of the National Board of Drugs, Diego Olivera announced during an interview on Republica Radio that his office is working jointly with the Canadian Government to promote a risk management guide for cannabis consumers. “We have been working in conjunction with Canada and sharing different approaches to drug policies. We are writing up […]

4000 New Registrations Added to Uruguay’s Cannabis Distribution System

Uruguay's Experiment Legalization

There have been 4,000 new registrations to Uruguay’s cannabis distribution system in the first four months of 2018. The official network of pharmacies supplying the public with cannabis now has a current total of 22,000 registered users. If all the registered consumers bought their full allocation (40 grams monthly) the two authorized companies producing legal […]

Pot Hostels are Being Smoked Out by Uruguay’s Cannabis Control Agency

The Institute for Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA) is scrutinizing several hostels that have legally registered cannabis plants growing within reach of the foreign guests who stay at these establishments. The director of IRCCA Diego Olivera has stated that although it is not proven that pot is shared with the clients of these establishments, […]

Uruguay Grinding on With Its Legal Cannabis Market

Uruguay's Experiment Legalization

It has been half a year since sales of cannabis in select Uruguayan pharmacies began – what is known about the trade in pharmacies today? 20,300 people have registered to access the product in pharmacies, a little more than a third of the frequent users of marijuana in the country calculated by the National Board […]

Greendorphin World News Episode #12 Uruguay Cannabis News Featuring Rodolfo Heuer

A small country in the southern hemisphere, Uruguay has been in the forefront of marijuana legalization, establishing a legacy for other countries to look up to. Although the journey was not quick as described by one of its leading cannabis campaigners Laura Blanco but it sure has succeeded with legalization. Adult use cannabis sales were first […]

Uruguay’s Legalization Experiment

Uruguay's Experiment Legalization

For those who have been following the international development of cannabis legalization, the small South American country of Uruguay has been on the map since the turn of the century. Uruguay legalized the drug in December 2013, after a decade of grassroots lobbying by mostly middle-class consumers convinced it was better for the industry to […]